Book 1 - A Pilbara Experience

G'day Everyone,
Attached is a cover photo and some screen shots from my first book, 'A Pilbara Experience'. If you follow my Rollingstock News Blog, you would be familiar with my photographic style and the high standard of photography that I strive for.
The book is in landscape format (240mm x 203mm) and comprises of 200 pages - all colour photographs. While many of the photos are framed on a single page, there are impressive full page bleeds (the picture goes right to the page edge) and double page full bleed spreads. It is available as a soft cover only.
The book is a photographic portfolio, primarily capturing Pilbara Rail and BHP Billiton ore trains in the most stunning scenery in the Pilbara region. Both railways have a roster shot section which covers each type of locomotive and the different liveries, as well as various track machines and rollingstock photos.
All photos were taken during August 2008. Many of the scenes are changing in the Pilbara, with locomotive and trackage changes. Security is also making many of these photographic locations harder to reach.
I've created this book through 'Blurb' and have self published a small quantity to sell. I've tried to keep the price as low as possible, and as a result the margin is extremely small. My interest is not in making money but getting my name and my books onto your shelves.
The book sells for $70, with postage set at $10 in NSW and $14 for all other locations in Australia.

To order, please email me at and I will email out an order form which will include payment option details (EFT or cheque). Please title the email as the book you are interested in.

If you have an iPad or a similar device that can read ebooks, you can download the ebook at the following link for $10.
Keep an eye out for more books in the future, the next one is likely to have a focus on double stacks and well wagons in Australia.
The cover.
The contents page.
Introduction page.
Gallery photos.
Gallery photos.
Gallery page with a full page bleed on the right.
Double page spread.
Double page spread.
Double page spread.
Roster shots in the BHP fleet gallery.
Roster shots in the RIO fleet gallery.
Rollingstock roster shots.
A few road trains in WA.

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  1. Hi Chris. I'm glad to have come across your Blog. I'm very interested to what you have on offer here. Hope everything is going very well for you and keeping up your interest in rollingstock etc.
    All the best. Lloyd