24 January 2012

Out West 18/02/2012

Some shots from the CEY testing out west last week.  There will be some shots in ARI Magazine and Motive Power as well.

CEY 001, 002 and 003 push back into Lidsdale Siding to load the train.

Recovery loco CEY 005 stabled in Lithgow Yard - still in undercoat.   

A nice PN coal combo rolls through Marrangaroo, infront of the CEY test train. 

The Gold train was headed for Port Kembla. 

An NQTY with a NML container. 

An NQTY with an FCL container. 

Relatively new PHTH Rake 62.  All 76 rakes have now been delivered.


10 January 2012


8 repainted ARTC NDFF wagons were stabled at Carrington on 7/1/2012.  Shame they have been tagged already. 

Interestingly the wagons have been recoded to ADFF yet that code is not currently recognised by ARTC in the form of the TOC Waiver.  Hope they don't go too far!!

They also have a daggy NDPF van - about time that got a repaint too!


03 January 2012

Something Special for 2012

We may as well start of 2012 with something special. 

CEY 001 is currently in Broadmeadow Yard for crew training and testing.  Here are some shots from 21/12/2011.