21 July 2018

Simon Flatracks

No less than 35 Simon flatracks up from on PS6 today.  All were loaded on a single RRAY as seen below.


19 July 2018

Nathans Point Model Layout

For those interested in model trains, after a 5 year blogging break, I am back into it in a big way.  Follow the progress of my terminus modern-era branch line operation at Nathans Point .


Another 80 class ALCo lives on!

8033 has been doing the rounds between Sydney and Parkes/Broken Hill lately, and was snapped a few times earlier this month.

8033 as third unit heading west on an NY3 service.

A pretty good paint job on this baby!

8033 returned back to Sydney as fifth unit on PS6 a few days later.


09 July 2018

ALCo Main Liners!

An awesome combo put on by Qube today, with triple ALCos 8037/4477/872.  The sight and sound was impressive.  The weather wasn't great, but a small crack opened up at Mittagong for a reasonably sunny shot.

SM7 coming through Aylmerton.

Good to see Dad still gracing the mainline in 2018 after what looked to be a retirement at Goulburn a few years ago.

A new Caru SLZU cmeent tank in the 480000 series, with this one being the class leader.


05 July 2018

Some 22R1 Reefers

A mix of 22R1 20ft shipping reefer containers on 1311 today ta Mittagong.


04 July 2018

Farewell 3642

I'm not a huge steam fan, but a sunny weekend and a double header sparked some interest.  

3526 and 3642 at Yanderra about to come under the highway.

Coming into Mittagong past the former Station Master's residence.

Returning toward Sydney, 3642 now leading through the last rays of light at Aylmerton.


29 June 2018

More Transformers

Another interesting transformer load on SCT last week.

28 June 2018

Qube Cargill Conola Train

A Canola job to Kooragang came through Tahmooor the other morning with a somewhat rare leader in GL109.  Most of the GLs these days are stored or on low KM duties.  Along with the GL was RL301 and 1102.

Train 3462 coming through Tahmoor Station

A WGBY with an interesting water stain coming off the roof.

Another WGBY.  Note the new air brake equipment on these.  They recently went from Chinese air brakes to Westinghouse/Knorr WF5 type equipment.


26 June 2018

KENT with incorrect markings

Grabbed these two KENT removal boxes on the weekend, and noticed that one of them has the container code and the owner code in the wrong spots.  

This isn't the first time this has been noticed.  I got an SCFU box with the same issue 12 months ago here

Both of these are recent 2018 builds and have the new Kent loco.

KENU 918105-0 with correct markings.

KENU 918163-5 with the incorrect markings.


25 June 2018

Linfox Reefers

I was happy with this score on the weekend, of a block load of Linfox reefers on a PacNat BM service.

The 5-pack was RRQY 8304 and the containers in order were:

  1. FTAD 9108004 (48'+)
  2. FCAD 9106136 (46'6)
  3. FTLD 9106710 (46'6)
  4. FTLD 9106716 (46'6)
  5. FTAD 9106008 (46'6)