22 May 2020

SSR CLP12 Reactivation - Casper

CLP12 has been reactivated by SSR and is currently painted all white (it isn't primer).  Due to weather and time it won't be fully painted into SSR livery in the short term.  

Along with standard SSR logos and road numbers, it also has been unofficially named Casper.

An easy model to replicate with a can of white spray paint!


04 May 2020

SSR Grain Train

An interesting SSR grain train combo from back in April.




12 April 2020

Breeze Eskimo is Back!

Seems that Breeze are leasing some containers from SCF.  AT least 6 have turned up repainted in all white with SCF logos and the Breeze Logistics eskimo.  These are all from the SCFU 8100xx series with the rounded refrigerated unit ends (i.e the lower numbers).  

The eskimo always faces the reefer unit.  

The top three photos are all taken in April of fresh boxes.

The SCU boxes were painted up in Feb or March 2020 and did a few trips without eskimo logos.

The rest of the fleet currently look like this with the old orange top and bottom rails and a new SCF logo.

Way back in 2011 this box we very new and sported the Rail Containers branding for SCF.  


10 April 2020

Toll Tasmania - A bit rare

I have seen these in Tassie before, but have never seen them venture into NSW.  

Earlier in the week I snapped this Toll Tasmania 20ft curtain-sider marked for Devondale.  


31 March 2020

New Lindsay Reefer

The latest batch of Lindsay Transport reefers have arrived with the last two being marked up for Primary Connect.  

This one is LTCD 4619 90, and the other in this livery is 89.

Pretty rare spotting!


04 March 2020

NR84 - Real Trains

Well it has been rather busy the last month, plus the weather has been very mediocre, so shots have been few and far between.  I'm just catching up now on some February coverage.

Posts for Feb 2020 must have been an all time record low of ONE.  Anyway, lets at least double that for March!

Lets start with NR84 sporting a REAL TRAINS campaign.


07 February 2020

3801 Trials

Some shots of 3801 yesterday running trials to Moss Vale with 4201 on the rear.


31 January 2020

Pedemont Side Door

Haven't seen one of these before.  Pedemont side door container PHS 458.


23 January 2020

G534 LINX Transfer

A bit of an odd job, with LINX G534 running a transfer of two wagons from CFCLA Goulburn back to Enfield this morning.


15 January 2020

Oversized Containers at Noumea

It has been a hectic start to the year after a nice cruise over the Christmas period.  One of the stops was Noumea in New Caledonia, and due to the size of the ship, we had to berth at the container terminal (I was probably the only person who was happy about that).  

I have a few sets of photos to post, but though I would start the year off this these funky 6 containers.  

NRDU 000001-000006, which are classified as 4NGJ type containers.  

These look to be accommodation containers and you can see they are extremely wide.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!