13 November 2019

New Linfox Boxes

A trio of new Linfox boxes arrived on MB4 this week.

LCGU 9649011, 9020 and 9056 were all sighted.  


08 November 2019

Upgraded Jumbo Coils

Shot this yesterday on MW2.  Recently refreshed RCAF 20592 with a pair of modified Jumco Coil cradles marked as FC0011 and FC0012.


06 November 2019

Legacy Power

A pair of interesting boxes coming over from the west.  LPSU 201301 and 201302 are generator containers marked for Legacy Power Services.


01 November 2019

Another new SCF reefer

Not as new, but still new.  SCFU 819109 is similar to the newer ones with the exception of yellow posts rather than orange posts, and no phone number under the logo.


31 October 2019

New SCF Reefers

A pair of brand new SCF reefers on MB4 the other morning.  Plate side, with fancy orange rail posts, and interestingly rounded  reefer bars and fuel tank.  Looking good!

SCFU 819146

SCFU 819147


27 October 2019

Yellow Post Linfox

Seems a few of the older Linfox 46'6 reefers have been given a wash and the 40ft rail posts have been painted yellow, the same as the newer Linfox reefers.

Here are FTAD 9106016 and 6019 on an MB4 service in October 2019.


23 October 2019

25G1 Shipping Boxes

Very rare beasts are shipping containers in a 25G1 configuration.  Plenty in domestic traffic which these probably are in also, considering they have been on MB4 services.

Still yet to see a shipping line owned 25G1 container, as they are all 22G1 type.  Appears that CAI may be leasing containers domestically in Australia.


21 October 2019

Batwings in the Southern Highlands

As per the ARTC TOC Waiver, PN have started trialling NHRH Hunter Valley batwing hoppers on the Tahmoor to Port Kembla coal service for Simec.  

Just the other day Unit Train 50 led by 8207 hauled 42 NHRH hoppers through Aylmerton for loading at Tahmoor Colliery.  

The NHRH rakes on the train were 28, 49, 10, 54, 25 and 36, totalling 42 hoppers.  

A bit unusual to see 120T gross hoppers in the highlands.  


12 October 2019

Wridgeway Repaint

Seems Wridgeways are repainting their old blue containers into the bright green livery to match their recent delivery of new boxes.  


11 October 2019

Tahmoor Coalie

The Tahmoor coalies are pretty frequent these days.  Here TM71 lead by 8203 comes past Bowral Bricks.  A pair of PN repainted 82s were on the rear.