30 June 2022

Rare SCFU Curtain Sider

Despite being 8 years old, I have never seen this SCF 48ft curtain sider.

This unit is SCFU 814149-7 and has a orange curtain and has the (what would have been new) large logo.


30 May 2022

Old Blue forty-footers

Some old brand and old logo blue 40ft shipping containers

An old CMA CGM logo, something like 15-20 years old.

Two Italia containers, which is part of Evergreen and started getting these logos from 2006.

The same Lloyd Triestino box is doing the rounds on the east coast.  This would be pre-2006 before the Italia name was being used, but is still in the post 1993 Evergreen style.



29 May 2022

NTFS tarp on K&S Flatrack

Not something you would normally see...  

An NTFS tarp on a K&S Flatrack with a load of Wesbeam timber.

Neat tarp!


28 May 2022

EL51 Rail Frist Repaint

Love the new Rail First livery on the EL class.  EL51 here on an SCT MB9 job last week.



27 May 2022

Qube Steel Wagons

A bit of a collection of steel wagons from the Qube services running for Bluescope.

New Rail First Australian built CQPY 1824.

Beam wagon SKBY 23.

Plate wagon SKPY 27 carrying a single long beam.

'Long' plate wagon SKLY 1

One of hundred of SQSY wagon number 283, fitted with new QJAU coil containers.



23 May 2022

SCT Container Repaints

Appears that SCT have purchased and painted a heap of former Unit48 general purpose 48ft containers.

The Unit48 containers were previously blue with the SCT units now being repainted in a bright silver livery and coded SCTL which is the same code as applied to the original SCT boxes that are of the same design.  

An original SCTL box, this one being 004336-4, and is of the same design as the PVDU containers.
Fresh repaint SCTL 480079-0.  You can see a blue PVDU box on the left.

PVDU 480036-2 in the original livery.  Some of these boxes have also been remarked for Booth.

Another repaint, being 480076-4.


22 May 2022

Something Different - Graffiti

An undeniable aspect of railways is graffiti, and lately there have been some pretty colourful and artistic pieces going up.  Here is a small selection of PN well wagons and SCT boxcars.  


21 May 2022

NR34 - First Nations Livery

Was pretty happy to jag a shot of NR34 this week.  It carries the Pacific National First Nations Livery which aligns with the launch of their Reconciliation Action Plan.

The awesome artwork and design is by Leigh Harris.  


02 May 2022

New Qube Jumbo Coil Containers QJAU

Qube have just taken delivery of a stack of new QJAU 20ft jumbo coil containers.  

These are pretty neat, as a pair of them lock together and form a third cradle between the inner ends of each container, giving much greater flexibility than the previous DMJU coil containers.  

These containers are suitable for jumbo coils which have a diameter of 1410-2200mm, a maximum width of 1950mm, and a maximum mass of 30,400kg.  

They look great in grey, on the SQSY 40ft skels.


11 April 2022

Some unusual container codes...

Seen a few unusual or uncommon container codes over the past month, and here are a few shots:





HBTU 412 - PBC Expo



GURU - Coral Tanks

SKYU - Marked for Rotary Kiln Services

Maybe a former APL box, now marked for BXUU

Another patch out BXUU box




A classic - SEAU, Sealand 42G1.  

SKYU marked with a Royal Wolf logo...strange

SCFU box marked as TSMS for Toll Shipping (M=Mez floor?)

Another SCFU box marked as TSSD for Toll Shipping (Side Door)