28 May 2016

The Ghan visits NSW

It's not all that common to get a Ghan NR into NSW, and better yet, on the front!  

MB4 had a very interesting combo early in the week, with elephgant style NRs leading 8226. It is certainly one of the best combo I have seen on MB4 for a long time.

MB4 with NR109/NR14 and 8226 approach Bargo River bridge.

NR109 in the 'new' Ghan livery.  Here is the 'old' livery.

Repainted Toll autobox, MB102.  This box now carries the Proxcar logo.

RQJW 22058 with a double load of KT flatracks.

RRKY 2703 with a OHS OFSU ISOtank and a faltrack load of reo mesh.

RRKY 2767 with a pair of CTC CHemtrans tanks.

RRYY 31 with a mix of MB and AB autoboxes.


25 May 2016

Flat Racks

A couple of interesting flat rack loads on PS6 today.


24 May 2016

An Aurizon Saturday

A few Saturday's ago, the up and down Aurizon BM/MB services crossed each other around Mittagong.

LDP007 leading 005 on MB7.

LDP007 with the white ribbon on the nose.

The same train rounding the curves at Yanderra, approaching Bargo.

Triple LDPs approaching Mittagong station on BM7.

AFRDW13110 with Woolworths markings.

Carrying the BNBU code, these Transolve Global tanks have started to turn up on train services. Sighted so far have been 102030, 103040, and 104050. 

Caru SLZU 740009-3 on CQGY 509.

CQMY 3083 with double AFDB Aurizon containers.

Cronos tank CXTU 108179-8 marked for Forsyth Transport. 

Double ORA Orica tanks on a QQAY.

A nice mix of iso-tnak including a Booth BNBU, on a QQAY.

A new SCF 48ft container, marked as SCFU 486007-0

Double CRT containers on QQGY 682.

An interest Royal Wolf box, RWCU 124091-1

A new SCF side door SCFU 316005-1.


22 May 2016

Cronos Flat Racks

A heap of 20ft Cronos flat racks heading to Sydney earlier in May.


14 May 2016

Portable Locker?

An FBXU container with modified sides which look like hinged doors.

The reflection made it a bit hard to photograph.


10 May 2016

A rare visitor

S306 headed to Sydney last week on PN's MW2 service, and is seen passing through the autumn leaves in Bowral.


03 May 2016

The biggest FRAGILE sticker ever!

I think the photo says it all!

01 May 2016

Another new SCF

Another new livery on an SCF 48ft dry box!  The large logo livery was first seen (LINK) in November 2015 and this was seen in April 2016.  This has the smaller offset logo, and interestingly it has the orange 40ft posts like the Aurizon boxes.


25 April 2016

More Autumn Colour

A few shots from Mittagong Junction late in the day.

6027 leading an LDP on BM7.

Double NRs on NY3.

Two shades of CEVA curtain sided containers.  


23 April 2016

Highland Autumn Colours

The colours around the Southern Highlands are spectacular at the moment and with a little bit of sun out this last week, I have been busying getting the shots before the leaves drop.

The first four photos are taken at Burradoo and the last group are taken at Mittagong Junction.

LDP001 leading BM7 through Burradoo.

Double NRs elephant style on NY3.

Rather plan back to back NRs on BM4 intermodal service.

A Down passenger arrives into Burradoo station.

The morning up Canberra Explorer service passes through Mittagong Junction.

NR14 leading 2126 stone train past the Braemar branch.

Double NRs on PS7.

A green G as the trailing unit on WM2 steel service.

The unusual combination of TT/NR leading 2196 stone train.  An NR was on the rear as well.