11 February 2016

Breeze Logistics

Here is Breeze Logistics reefer container BRZC 18.

This container is quite unique in that the main members are painted a dark blue rather than a silver or grey colour.  This reefer was formerly SCFU 807018-2.


06 February 2016

North Queensland - Townsville

Here is the first of a few shots from the Townsville region.  Shame the weather was rather foul!

A 2800 class on a nickel service.

2333 on the Inlander, ready to depart Charters Towers.  I believe this was the origin of this service due to a major derailment near Stuart a few days earlier.

PN loaded service stabled at Woldston while track repairs were being conducted.  The storm rolled in quickly and the road got muddy very quickly!

The mid-train WDP unit on the PN train comprising of ROAF open wagons.

A concentrate train held up at Woodstock with a pair of 4000 class.

Slightly less rain to the north east.

A 2800 heading into Townsville Jetty.

An empty service waiting in South Yard.

A view of South Yard from Castle Hill.

Aurizon wagon photos coming during this month!


27 January 2016


Some bits and pieces on BM7 last week.  

Double LDPs leading BM7,

A scrappy looking LDP009.  It must almost be time for an ICC and a wash!

PBGY 21 with common rust stains.

A recently repaired PBGY 83 looks good as new.

Millers Moves MMVU 000067

Orica tank ORA438

A pair of Orica tanks on QQAY 47821.

Some DGs in shipping containers on QQGY 583.

QQGY 654 with a mix of 20s.

A 48ft Rail Containers box on QQMY 22017.

QQMY 22021 with a different coloured end.  Maybe sun damage?

A former QR green side door is now SCF grey.  SCFU 305011-2.

SCFU 414062 which is a CPC (cellular Pallet wide) container.

Caru leasing SLZU 740056.  These are starting to turn up on various services.


19 January 2016

Railsets on NY3

A few classic RKAX railsets on NY3 yesterday.

Double NRs leading NY3

RQCY 840 with three RV boxes.

RQMF 2072H with three RV boxes.  This could be an Auscision model shortly.

RKLY 20260 with a fresh RH butter box.

RQTY 59L with some Royal Wolf containers.

First classic, RKAX 11 with the SAR crest on the lead wagon and the back wagon in AN green.

RKAX 6 with both wagons in AN green.

RKRF 1603 is slightly newer than the RKAX fleet.

RKAX 2 with both in SAR grey.

The second platform of RKAX 2 with the ANR box logo.


08 January 2016

BM7 - New Years Day

A few more photos from New Years Day BM7 service.

After an ICC, LDP 004 is one again clean....for a little while.

Aurizon bulk container ABLK 201225

Standard 48ft box AEDB 913039.  This container is fitted with decking beams for double stacking pallets inside.

Ambrose & Sons removals AMB 78.  The Aurizon side door is ASDV 211364.

Loading with a caustic alkali liquid is Cronos tank CXTU 100740.

Eurotainer EURU 094005.

Loaded on QQBY 2034 is QRTB 708051 which is another Aurizon bulk container.

New liveried SCFU 414082.

QQBY 2026 with Wridgways WWSF 000175 and CRT 5056.


06 January 2016


A few shots of the empty garbage train running back to Sydney.

8162 with yellow cab roof and cabside numbers.

More standard livery 8184 with the blue roof patch and large side carbody numbers.

40ft ISO tank EXFU 14708 (#999) on NQHX 14475.

NQHX 14502 with a pair of XH bogies.

NQIY 10184 with a container that has a depressed roof.

Not so common on these services are NQTY wagons.  Here is NQTY 20484.