23 May 2015


Unfortunately the weather was kind, but you have to make an effort when bulldogs are leading.  

In this case, Espee empty scrap steel service 1271 was returning back to Canberra.  

Approaching the Hume Highway at Yanderra.

Roaring through Yerrinbool station. 


17 May 2015

Loading at Charbon

A quick shot from Friday afternoon at Charbon Colliery as SSR's CB02 service loads a 50 wagon train bound for NCIG Newcastle.

The train was operating in distributed power mode, with two locos on the front and one on the rear.


13 May 2015

Some more from NZ

A few shots from around Dunedin back in April.

Local shunter DSG 3251 moving some container wagons into the yard.

DC 4438 and 4421 preparing their train to the local port area.

A flexi-top Intermodal Solutions container ISFU 280026.

7.6m long curtain sided container on a Chinese built IH 7545 wagon.

DJ3107 arriving at Dunedin on the morning Taieri Gorge tourist train.

DJ3228 with the afternoon Taieri Gorge tourist train passing through Green Island Siding.

Container FLZU 300151, also known as TSL 235.

Power car AG159

Passenger car 'P' on the Taieri Gorge train.

27 April 2015

More from Pennsylvania

Another round of photos from Pennsylvania

The daily west bound Amtrak arrives at Lewistown with a freshly painted GE.

The east bound Amtrak heading through Miflin.

The west bound Amtrak departing Altoona.

An eastbound stack train passes workers clearing falling ice at Cassandra.

A west bound manifest through Cassandra while snow still sits in the shade.

The Duncannon bridge just west of Harrisburg is a nice location (better when the sun is out!).  

Heading down the east slope and into Altoona is an eastbound stack train.

Departing Enola Yard with 'transit' locos headed for Altoona Workshops.

Rolling westbound through Lewistown on a sunny day is this 'piggyback' service.

The rear end bankers on a block oil train pass the cemetry at Lilly.

One of the NS research and track inspection trains passing through Lilly.  The middle unit is a former locomotive.

Eastbound through Miflin is the Southern heritage unit with a stack train.

Departing Enola Yard as seen from the railfan bridge.

A stack train crosses over the Rockville bridge, as seen from the Bridgeview B&B.


26 April 2015

Some Norfolk Southern Pennsylvania Shots

A few shots from Pennsylvania in March this year, travelling around the Norfolk Southern lines.  

Weather was a real mixed bag with sun, rail, cloud and snow!

Here are a few shots that I have processed:

A triply header, including the Southern heritage unit, rolls west bound into Lewistown during a snow fall.

The bankers are on the front of this west bound stack train at Cassandra, on the west slope (west of Altoona).

A pair of CN locos arrive into Enola Yard Harrisburg with a manifest.

A week earlier at Enola Yard saw a mixed LE combo positioning for a outbound train.

Pushing a loaded coal train at Galitzen are two pairs of SD40E helper units.

A nice little shortline, JVRR, is at Lewistown.  Here their switcher pushes back a gondola into the yard.

A Lilly a manifest rolls through west bound.

Between Harrisburg and Altoona a west bound manifest rolls under the gantry at Mifflin.

The JVRR shunts/switches a new industrial complex out of town.  Here the switcher departs after placing some boxcars in a rapidly developing baby product warehouse. 

Three NS units sit on the Reading Bridge at Harrisburg.

At Strasburg a steamer operates on the weekends.  Also in the town is the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum.  A must see!

A big combo on an east bound manifest pass through Portage.

An east bound stack train with a pair of new SD70ACes bolt through Lewistown in fresh snow.


21 April 2015

A Taste of NZ

G'day Everyone,

Well I'm back in the country for the foreseeable future.  I have stacks of photos from the US and a handful from NZ to process and post over the coming weeks.  

Here is a little taste of NZ (Reefton) where a transfer job from Chistchurch had just arrived.

Ironically, these locos were built at GE Erie Pennsylvania, a workshop which I was at just 4 weeks ago!


23 March 2015

It's cold outside.....

G'day everyone,

I just got back from a short trip to Pennsylvania and managed to get a bit of snow.

Here is a SHPX tank car with a few inches on top, leaving Enola Yard in Harrisburg.


09 March 2015

Orica ORA Tanks

Orica have an interesting collection of Sodium Cyanide containers.

Here are two of the less common types:

ORA 478 with external ribbing.

ORA 4617 with a basic frame, but the ends are well reinforced.  This could be a simply tank to model.


07 March 2015

Reefer Containers

G'day,  A few shots of export reefer containers, mainly 22R1 and 45R1 types.

An older style Cronos CRXU 22R1.

A 45R1 CRXU box.

GESeaco GESU 45R1.

A newer Hanjin 45R1.

This Hanjin 45R1 is well worn and a bit shabby.

Note the horizontal ribbing across the bottom of the container on this newer Hapag 22R1.

MCS 22R1.

Maersk 22R1

Hamburg Sud SUDU 22R1

Taken a few days earlier, this TEXU reefer is quite uncommon as it is a 25R1 at 9'6 high.  The two either side are 22R1 8'6 reefers.