21 November 2015

New SCFU 48ft Container

A few of these have started to turn up on Aurizon services over the last few days.  They are brand new and continue the 800000 series numbering.  This SCFU 48ft dry box is numbered 415176.  It is 9'10" tall and carries the new mega-large SCF logo.


20 November 2015

Red Macfield Box

Bright and early this morning saw Macfield box MGCU 801111 on MB7.  These were formerly blue and a shot of an original one is here.

This box is at least 10 years old but looks good for its age with a repaint!



14 November 2015


A quick shot of PQAW 2 on a late running WP2 yesterday.

These are owned by Ettamogah Rail Hub 


12 November 2015

Its a Breeze

A couple of new Breeze Logistics containers on MB4 this morning.  BRZC 12 and 15.


08 November 2015


A couple of interesting containers last week.

MUVU 100031.

Titan Container TITU 895801.  A lot of these have been coming up to Sydney in the last few days.  Maybe a delivery from China arrived in Melbourne last week?


05 November 2015

Sunny Container Shots

The weather has been crappy for days, so here are a few from last week when the sun was out.

A pair of FBT Transwest FBTT tanks on a PN intermodal service to Sydney.

Below are some containers from Aurizon BM7 service

AEBD 913037.  The orange stripes denotes allocation to Coles.

AFRD W 13111.  The W has replaced the leading 4, denoting allocation to Woolies.

EXXU 999697 and a remarked QR side door SFCU 305 series container.

mCColls Transport MCTU 240003.

NZ based Pacific Forum Lines 22R1 reefer PFLU 605100.

Side door QLST 307506 with a new Eurotainer EURU 094040

Uncommon in NSW is toll QRX seacell, QRXA 4001.

12.6m reefer SCFU 480014.

12.8m reefer SCFU 807036

Tanker TOLU 956129.


03 November 2015

Around the Metrop

A few shots from a job I did a few weeks ago around the Metrop.

BRM002/4911 sit next to double 1100s on the Enfield Staging Roads.

A bit arty - inside the nose of 4911.

Qube 44202 on the Yennora shuttle service.

A Qube 44 looking rather unloved.

I think it is an MZ/14 class under that layer of paint....

A repaired Maersk box on a Qube shuttle service.


31 October 2015

BGGX Transfer

A quick shot of the BGGX transfer near Harden.


26 October 2015


A couple of photos of BGGX 1097 and 1098 at Bendigo Railway Workshops last week.  
They are on shops bogies currently and will be going onto SG bogies this week for operation in NSW.


17 October 2015

PN Friday

A few PN trains from Friday afternoon.  The containers are from BM4 and the steel wagons were on NY3.

SBIU 2108628 returning to Melbourne.  I photoed this container heading to Brisbane back on 9/9 on MB4.  See the other side of the container here

A trailing shot of the same container.

A newer style 46'6 reefer container ARLS 429.  I'm not too sure who owns this container.  The container code/type is marked as RFRG which I don't believe is within the standard.

On the back of BM4 was empty wagon VQCY 793.

FCL origins, PRRY 5012 with some butter boxes.

RCSF 90 with an older Barber bogie and 5 coils.

RCKX 18 with a patchwork quilt!  I don't think I have seen one this repaired before.

RKKY 3-Pack billet wagon.

Loaded plate on RKQF 60273.

Monster plate wagon RKXF 60228.  Now that is a beast!