23 April 2017

Clinker Service

Boral's clinker train operated by PN with 8133 and a good length rake of NPEF hoppers.  

8133 on service 2235 between Bargo and Yanderra.

8133 with a dirty front number and blue cab roof.

B end of NPEF 82003.  The only wagon with PN logos.

A end of NPEF 82010.

While most of the bogies under these wagons are XLA type bogies, there are a handful of National XLB and XGC type bogies also fitted, giving a bit more variety to the modellers.


19 April 2017

GL Hybrid Livery

After being painted in Freightliner livery and then off lease a few years later, CFCLA decided to tastefully patch GL111 to give it a hybrid Freightliner/CF livery.  

I think it looks great on the GL.


13 April 2017

Test Bogie

Some test equipment fitted to a bogie under CQWY 5033.


10 April 2017

Braemar Sleeper Train

Last week PN ran a sleeper train to Braemar for the first time in a number of years.  The event was captured at Mittagong Jucntion, Railway Terrace and Braemar Avenue.  The train comprised of around 15 RDTF concrete sleeper wagons.


08 April 2017

SSR Transfer

SSR ran transfer #3778 from Goulburn to Lithgow earlier this week with 4904 and 48s34, hauling 10 NHKF coal hopers and a CQWY well wagon pair.

The NHKFs are being coverted to grain wagons and the CQWY was for a test program later in April.


02 April 2017

ARHS Transfer

A nice transfer job on the 1st April from Canberra to Thirlmere.

4520 leading 4490 and a long string of ARHS passenger cars at Mittagong.


01 April 2017

Cosco Shipping

Snapped this today on 1311 heading south.

This box is in the new merger livery between COSCO and China Shipping.   The box is a bright blue with COSCO Shipping as the logo.

The box codes are CSNU, and this 45G1 type is 624648-1.


26 March 2017

Car Carrier?

An awesome looking load on QQMY 22021 earlier this week.  The cars are on a pair of SLZU Caru flat racks.  


25 March 2017

SCT Photos

Some SCT photos from the last few weeks.  Of interest is that containers are starting to make their way on BM9/MB9 services on flat wagons, 5-pack skels and well wagons!

MB9 at Bargo River.

MB9 at Bowral.

MB9 at Tahmoor

MB9 at Aylmerton.

Double well wagons on the back of MB9.

Bradken built PWWY 0037 with 48ft reefer SCTR 323.

Meishan (CSR) built PWXY 0005 with reefer SCTR 348.


24 March 2017

Reefers - Eskimo Kiss

Not much room between a pair of TOLL reefers on RQJY 5-packs.  

Reefer units are allowed to hand over the end deck by a specific distance.