16 September 2018

NREC 1200 Gensets Run Again

After the failure of a mainline loco, the pari of 1200s were used to get a grain train from Cootamundra to Maldon last week.

Here they are at Mittagong.


14 September 2018

CF4412 - Black Caviar

Black Caviar continues to grace the rails between Port Botany and Goulburn on SRS services.

Here is it last week coming through Aylmerton, with the wattle in full bloom.


09 September 2018

Another SCF Repaint

Last week is was a repainted 40ft Aurizon box.  This week it is a 48ft Aurizon box.  

Former AEDB now SCFU carrying the same number 916051.


05 September 2018

Old 48ft Boxes

A couple of 20 year old boxes on PS6 the other week.

Linfox DRC 334, which was a former Boxcar container.

Linfox FGBU 480233-0 was a former FCL container and has the Westaflex branding with a model of both available from Auscision.


03 September 2018

Sydney Trains NDFF Repaint

The latest livery for the NDFF ballast hoppers.  Here is NDFF 2250 at Chullora last week.  

Very orange.  I miss the grey stripe across the side.


30 August 2018

Classic Combo

A beautiful clear morning and two pristine bulldogs!

4201 and 42103 lead a passenger train around the curves of Werai as they near the town of Exeter.


25 August 2018

SCF Repaint

Shot this earlier in the week.  It is SCFU 413155-1 which is a 2013 build, but has been freshly repainted from the Aurizon livery.  It was a former AFDB yellow box.


23 August 2018

New Mainfreight General Purpose Container

Only days after sighting my first new Mainfreight curtain-sider, along came a 40ft GP contianer.  This has been around for about a month, but is the first time I have seen it.

MFAU 000001.


18 August 2018

New Mainfreight curtain sider

Scored this new 40ft curtain sided container on PS6 today.  

It is MFAU 000014.


17 August 2018

BGTY Grain Wagons

SSR's BGTY 1431 with freshly applied Allied Pinnacle lettering.