21 April 2015

A Taste of NZ

G'day Everyone,

Well I'm back in the country for the foreseeable future.  I have stacks of photos from the US and a handful from NZ to process and post over the coming weeks.  

Here is a little taste of NZ (Reefton) where a transfer job from Chistchurch had just arrived.

Ironically, these locos were built at GE Erie Pennsylvania, a workshop which I was at just 4 weeks ago!


23 March 2015

It's cold outside.....

G'day everyone,

I just got back from a short trip to Pennsylvania and managed to get a bit of snow.

Here is a SHPX tank car with a few inches on top, leaving Enola Yard in Harrisburg.


09 March 2015

Orica ORA Tanks

Orica have an interesting collection of Sodium Cyanide containers.

Here are two of the less common types:

ORA 478 with external ribbing.

ORA 4617 with a basic frame, but the ends are well reinforced.  This could be a simply tank to model.


07 March 2015

Reefer Containers

G'day,  A few shots of export reefer containers, mainly 22R1 and 45R1 types.

An older style Cronos CRXU 22R1.

A 45R1 CRXU box.

GESeaco GESU 45R1.

A newer Hanjin 45R1.

This Hanjin 45R1 is well worn and a bit shabby.

Note the horizontal ribbing across the bottom of the container on this newer Hapag 22R1.

MCS 22R1.

Maersk 22R1

Hamburg Sud SUDU 22R1

Taken a few days earlier, this TEXU reefer is quite uncommon as it is a 25R1 at 9'6 high.  The two either side are 22R1 8'6 reefers.


01 March 2015


A few random containers from Feb 2015.

A 20ft Corden Rail flatrack.  Note the stencil work for RIAL on the tarp!

Eurotainer EURU 184522

Paint peeling on FCL box FBGU.


21 February 2015

Manildra 9138

A few weeks back there were South Coast diversions, resulting in a Manildra Group container service coming through the Southern Highlands.

Triple 81s head 9138.

MQRF 107

MQRF 110

The MQRF wagons are former SAR/AN open wagons.

NQTY 20297

The NQTY is a former NSW BDY/NODY open wagon.


16 February 2015


A few shots of MB4 from the weekend.

Triple NRs, with a handful of steelink butter boxes on the front.

Former FCL PRRY 5018.

RQLY 1015 with the centre well empty.

Royal Wolf box RWTU 442940

Another shot of MB4 coming over Bargo River and under Remembrance Drive near Tahmoor. 


13 February 2015

Espee Canberra Train

Espee ran their first service earlier this month, collecting empty containers prior to the commencement of the service.

Double ELs on 1271 round the curves at Aylmerton.

One of 24 CQPYs on the train, CQPY 1726 is loaded with container WWWU 270057.


12 February 2015


A couple of interesting ones last week.

Brand new SCF reefer SCFU 814064.  This series follows on from the Wilmot marked SCFU containers.

An older TOLL container TCML 48425 with a fresh patch of Toll green.


07 February 2015

Dominating NRs

A few jobs from late January, where NRs dominated the traffic past my place.

NR15 leading 2196 Peppertree stone train, with NR116 on the rear in WDP mode.

NR11/77 leading PS7.

PNXD 0015 should a rather unusual pattern on the side.  Looks like something has been welded or attached to the side of the container.

NR102/96 lead NY3

Recently refurbished RKDF 20266.  These may be recoded RKBY in the near future.

RKEF 170.

RKFX 9 with recent repairs (see the bright green touch ups), plus some new yellow brackets welded near the previous door hinges.

RKHF 20535 is similar in style to the fresh RKDF.

ROOX 2622 still in CR red and with new yellow brackets, the same as the RKFX.  This wagon should be an RKOX as the doors have been removed.

Another former open wagon, still coded ROOX 3081 and in CR red.  

RQNW 5 with WN two-piece bogies.

Another RQNW (10) but with Aligned bogies.

RQNW 15 also has aligned bogies.  I haven't seen jumbo wagons carrying these blue half heights.  Must have been all that was available.