01 September 2014

Back to the Highlands

A couple of quick shots at Aylmerton while the sun was out.

For those enjoying the Chinese shots, I'll start posting some Chinese wagons in the coming days.  

Down pass to Moss Vale, passing the wattle.

PS& led by triple NRs.

A roof shot of a PTC blue RLSY van

Another roof shot, this time of a Sadleirs green RLSY.

A roof shot of a PNXR reefer.

Unit 48 PVDU Freightquip container.  The tops of these are quite interesting and colourful!

A similar box but this own is a PNXD type.

Empty Tahmoor coalie heading back to the mine.

The inside of an NHSH/NHFF.  They are remarkable shiny and smooth.


30 August 2014

J51 Sand Wagon - Newport

I saw a question on a news group about this wagon, so I thought I would share a photo taken at Newport back in August 2012.

The wagon is J51.


22 August 2014

More Qiqihar Trains - Part 3

A few more random shots from the foot bridge at Qiqihar in north eastern China.

DF5 shunt units race back to different platforms to shuffle passenger cars around.

DF4B 7124 heads north through Qiqihar with a load of coal.

GE ES59ACi HXN5 0295 leads a coal train through Qiqihar as well.  On the back were two opens with logs and another loaded with a sand like product.

A DF11 departs Qiqihar station and crosses the HXN5.

Passenger car YW22B type.

Passenger car YZ25G type.


21 August 2014

Some More Chinese Trains

A few more photos from Qiqihar Railway Station.

Departing at 1530hrs, train K550 to Dalian is led by DF4D 0302 in an older livery (without whiskers).

One of two DF5 yard shunters pushes a YW22B coach back into the yard after taking it off an arriving train. 

Arriving at 1543hrs, train K7106/7107 from Mudanjiang to Nenjiang is hauled by DF4D 3314 and comprises of some double deck SRZ and SYZ cars.  On arrival the train crosses the DF11 loco which is preparing to attach to train 1344/1341.

An overall view of Qiqihar Railway Station.  Looks to be 7 platforms with the 'main line' running between platform 1 and 2.


20 August 2014

Back from China!

Well I'm back from two weeks over in China, fulfilling various work commitments.  Those that know me have probably seen my 'bright' project on a model train Facebook page.  

Anyway, I managed to get a couple of hours on Sunday and Tuesday afternoon at a pedestrian bridge at Qiqihar Railway Station.  The scene looked somewhat familiar to LaTrobe St in Melbourne, which overlooks Spencer Street Station (Southern Cross Station).

The timetable seems to be pretty much identical for every day of the week, with 3 arrivals and 5 departures occurring in a 90 minute period.

Harbin is a common destination as it is the closest and largest city near Qiqihar, but services originate at Qiqihar for long journeys to Chengdu (55hr trip) and Hangzhou (42hr trip).

The variety of passenger car paint schemes and locomotives kept it quite interesting.  Below are just a few photos.  I'll post more as time permits. 

DF4D 3297 on some green coaches (mainly YZ25B hard seat type), departs at 1508hrs on Train 6255 to Woniuhe (Mongolia).

With a front from Star Wars, DF11G pairing 0055/0056 lead the 1537 departure of train K548/545 to Chengdu, some 55 hours away.  The train was about 20 cars in length.

DF4D 3321 departs at 1555 with a regular service to Harbin, as train K7256.  The train comprised of mainly hard seats and hard sleeper cars.

Shunt unit DF5 2048 positions a blue and white rake of cars between different platforms.  The 16 cars would most likely be a long distance service as it had a dining car and baggage car.  Looking at the schedule, it may have been a Beijing or Tianjin arriving service.

DF11 0444 departs Qiqihar at 1607 with train 1344/1341 to Hangzhou.  This is a 42 hour service and the train was about 15 cars long.  

On both days, the same type of locomotive was allocated to the same train service.  


07 August 2014

PS6 through the curves

A shot of PS6 snaking around the curves a location 'X' in the Southern Highlands.  

It is a nice time of year with the wattle in full bloom.


05 August 2014

East Coast Double Stacks

Looks like double stacking has finally made it to the east coast - all be it with two half height steel containers!

RQIY 10163 was on PW4 on the weekend.


03 August 2014

27 July 2014

Lime Vans on PS6

PS6 always provides some interesting container loads and a variety of Sadleirs van.

Quad NRs past Aylmerton with vans upfront.

RLSY 18699 with a missing logo board which wasn't painted behind.  Nice rust streaks.

RLUY 18598.  Not looking too bad, but seems that the centreline of the roof is a little too far to reach for painting!

RLUY 18606 looks the goods with a bright paint and full coverage on the roof.

A good comparison to 606 is RLUY 18640 which has an unpainted roof centreline and graffiti to match.

RLUY 18719 is well faded and has no logo panel.

NQOY 15058 with a pair of Sadleirs containers.

I last saw a Millform container in WA on an SCT train Here it is
This one is MILU 400002-2

RQFY 76 with a nice selection of 20ft boxes including a SCFU Rail Containers bulktainer.

Finishing with a classic AN flat, RQKY 2693 fitted with Aligned bogies.  


25 July 2014


A few shots of WM2 today past Aylmerton

A grubby fronted 9317 with the usual 'marks' ex Melbourne.

A rather unusual Steellink wagon in NQPY 14559.  A lot of NQPYs have been stored as the bogies are swinglink type (XFA type as I recall) which are not being overhauled as they come due. 

A stark contrast between container lids.

VQOF 12 is an early ELX underframe as can be seen by the shallow centre sill.