22 July 2017

US Piggybacks from 2015

Just processing some old photos over the weekend, and came across these piggyback trailers from 2015 when I was in Pennsylvania.   A few 28ft pup trailers to start with.

ABF trailer 500783

A string of 12 pup trailers comprising of Yellow, UPS, YRC and Roadway.

A Roadway and YRC Freight trailer.

A Yellow and YRC Freight trailer.

ABF trailer ABFZ 660693

Alliance Shippers Inc trailer ALLZ 531077

Clipper Controlled Logistics trailer AXXZ 548610

Interstate Dist. Co. trailer 538360

A JB Hunt JBHU container on a JBHZ skel trailer.

KLLM Transport Services trailer KLMZ 91227

Marten trailer MTLZ 18719

Prime Intermodal trailer PRIZ 158105

Prime Inc trailer PRIZ 111098

Empty JBHZ 160258 skel.

Southern Refrigerated Transport trailer R141015Z

Swift trailer 537642

Taylor Truckline trailer R70191

Taylor Truckline trailer 60281

Triple Crown trailer TCIZ 261267.  Note the location of the wheels compared to all the other trailers.

Short (48ft) UPS trailer UPSZ 846935

UPS trailer 876052

Werner Enterpries trailer 47561

White Arrow trailer WARZ 8157

Xtra Lease trailer OVZZ 722182

Yellow trailer 431153


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