24 July 2017

Kooly Ore Train

While in Kalgoorlie, I managed to get loaded ore train 4413 at Binduli.  The train comprised of two groups of two locos, and 160 ore wagons.

AC 4308 and 4302 leading the 160 wagon loaded train to Esperence.

The distributed power units ACC 6031 and 6032, some 106 wagons from the lead locos.

WO 31210 from the original batch of ore wagons built in 1967/68.

WOA 31305 from the second batch of ore wagons built in 1970/71.

WOB 31396, built in 1974, and was originally planned to go to BHP Mt Newman, but was cut down in height and used on these services.  

WOC 31366 as built in the late 1990s.

WOD 31480 also built in the late 1990s.

WOE 31096 is an early WOE from around 2001.  

WOE 33562 built in 2008, and fitted with an ARG logo.

2015 build WOE 33840 is one of 30 new hoppers with Aurizon logos, which were built by UGL in Inner Mongolia.


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