11 December 2018

New Eurotainer

A new Eurotainer with the new logo.

EURU 122029-4 is a 22K2 T13 tank.


10 December 2018

Another Lindsay Transport Reefer

Grabbed this one last week on an MS service.  LTCD 4015 01 is a 2015 built 40ft+ reefer.  


03 December 2018

Lindsay Transport New Reefers

Snapped a cool 5-pack load of new LTCD Lindsay Transport 46'6 reefers.

They are numbered 4618 nn, where 46 is the length, 18 is the year built, and nn is the serial number of the unit.  So far the highest one sighted is 33.  


30 November 2018

Qube Cement

The Qube cement job has been shuttling half height spoil bins back to Melbourne over the previous week.

Here is one on a CQGY between two loaded cement tank.


29 November 2018

PQQY and PVDU Block

A double block of two PQQY 5-packs haulage a full set of PVDU Unit 48 curtain siders from Wodonga to Brisbane.


28 November 2018

Post 1000 - SSR Power Vans

A bit of an unusual shot from Bendigo a few weeks back.  

Here are the pair of SSR power vans BVDY 51 and BVDY 52.  

51 has just been reactivated for haulage of the HCMT trains and 52 is being utilised on the XTrap transfer to Ballarat.

The vans supply power to the passenger consist to ensure various components and brakes are functional as no overhead power is available when the trains are towed.  


15 November 2018

New SCF Curtain Sider

Scored this brand new SCF 40ft curtain sider the other day.

SCFU 818130-8.


12 November 2018

SCT Bits

A few bits from an SCT job last week.

Inline fuel tank CXTU 116205 has recently been given a bath.

PQIY 0038 with a load of transformers unusually heading south.

New SCT 5-pack PQQY 50026.

Former AUrizon box, now painted in SCT white as SCT NDC 011.


10 November 2018

PS7 Goulburn

A couple of shots of PS7 at Goulburn earlier this month.

NR71 leading another NR on PS7.

Former Linfox box, now DRCX 222.

Now owned by PN, well wagon pair CQWY 5027.


22 October 2018

CAT Power

A CAT Rental Power container (RNWU 600992-2) on PS6 last week.


18 October 2018

LYGU Folding Container

Managed to grab this on PS7 this morning.  It looks like a normal 45G1 container but has been modified so the sides fold down like a stage, in three equal lengths.

Something different.  The straps are probably a safety measure.


13 October 2018

ISO Tanks

Scored a heap of ISO tanks on PN's MB4 service a couple of weeks back.


03 October 2018

Qube's 1311 at Bowning

On the way home from a trip down south, I managed the time for a shot of Qube's 1311 'paper train' coming through the old station at Bowning.


02 October 2018

Unit 48 - Reefer

While it doesn't look brand-spanking new, it probably isn't that old.  

This is Unit 48's PVDU reefer, numbered 483001-1, so is probably a prototype.

Other Unit48 containers (generals and curtain siders) are running around the country as can be seen here and here.


30 September 2018

LDP Transfer

Some LDPs were transferred last week with PN after being on hire to SCT for quite a few months.  

An NR/AN/NR/LDP/LDP Combo on MB4 at Aylmerton.

The LDPs, 004 and 003.  

An usual cross shot of a 60 year old 42 class and LDP004.

Viridian Glass open top CICU 814156-8.

A pair of wells, now owned by PN.  Here is CQWY 5027.

A new Grace removalist container, GRRU 231187-8.

A new Kent removalist container KENU 919185-0.  This container has doors at both ends.

Smark gas ISO tank SMAU 888085-4.


28 September 2018

Speno US7

Spotted for the first time today as Speno's ultrasonic track testing machine US7.  


27 September 2018

Bulk Loading Railroad Transport

I haven't photoed one of these from above before, and was surprised to see a top loading hatch.

RRTU 004093-9 is a 4FG9 coded box.  I don't think the top loading would work very well considering the angle of repose for most product, but still could be handy if not required to fill to the brim.


23 September 2018

Toll TIHH Half Height

Toll TIHH 40218 is a 'half' height curtain sider.  This one has been repainted and has a new logo curtain.  First time I have seen it, but has been around for quite a few months apparently.


16 September 2018

NREC 1200 Gensets Run Again

After the failure of a mainline loco, the pari of 1200s were used to get a grain train from Cootamundra to Maldon last week.

Here they are at Mittagong.


14 September 2018

CF4412 - Black Caviar

Black Caviar continues to grace the rails between Port Botany and Goulburn on SRS services.

Here is it last week coming through Aylmerton, with the wattle in full bloom.


09 September 2018

Another SCF Repaint

Last week is was a repainted 40ft Aurizon box.  This week it is a 48ft Aurizon box.  

Former AEDB now SCFU carrying the same number 916051.


05 September 2018

Old 48ft Boxes

A couple of 20 year old boxes on PS6 the other week.

Linfox DRC 334, which was a former Boxcar container.

Linfox FGBU 480233-0 was a former FCL container and has the Westaflex branding with a model of both available from Auscision.