30 October 2014

VISY paper train on the south

A great day last week for photographing the VISY train operated by Qube.

CF4412/CF4411 on 1311 at North Goulburn.

South Goulburn, passing the stored locos at Goulburn Workshops.

A beautiful spot at Middle Bridge Cullerin.

The 'Windmills' in the Cullerin ranges.

A CFCLA leased CQMY.


A Qube owned SQEY

A loaded SQEY.


25 October 2014


Some photos of NY3 earlier in the week.

Triple NRs on NY3 at North Goulburn.

Rounding the curve at Middle Bridge in the Cullerin Ranges.  Still nice a green down south. 

An RKLY wagon with two very different orange butter boxes.

Another RKLY with a pair of ratty butter boxes.  The back one has new flat roof panels painted yellow.

Milling or crushing steel balls loading into CHIU containers, loaded on RQTYs.

A patchwork quilt over an RKCX.

Another patchwork quilt on an RKCX.


18 October 2014

ARTC Ballast

Managed a late afternoon shot today of 3M21 ballast, working with the SBC34 around the highlands.

Here CM 3307 (with CM 3301 on the back) is returning to Marulan for another load of ballast.


08 October 2014

More Black Cav - Qube 1311

A late running Qube 1311 paper train provided the ability to get a nice shot out the back door.

CF4412 and CF4411 on a load of empty container headed or Harefield.

CQMY 3063 is one of many CQMYs in the consist.  All containers for paper are 40ft.

A Qube owned SQMY 0068 was also part of the consist.

Mixed in with the 'jumbo' wagons are some 40ft CQZYs.  Here is the last of the class, CQZY 1700.


03 October 2014

Black Cav - CF4412

Managed a couple of quick shots of a late running Qube 1311 paper train from Port Botany to Harefield (Junee) a few weeks back.  Black Caviar CF 4412 was leading CF 4411, on 38 wagons.

1311 rounding the curve under the Hume Highway at Yanderra.

Approaching Mittagong Junction.

Portrait shot of CF 4412.