19 August 2017

SCFU Numbering Oops

Came across this the other day.  SCFU 416239-9 in the new grey livery with a large SCF logo in to top left.

Seems there was a bit of an oops when they were fitting the decals in China.

The third photo is an early 416 series box with the code in the right place and the smaller SCF logo.


13 August 2017

New Aurizon QHCH Hoppers

Spotted some new Aurizon QHCH coal hoppers straight off the boat last week.

QHCH 57058.

Pair QHCH 57073 ad 57074.


12 August 2017

PN Northern Grain

Managed to intercept this PN loaded grain train at Tarro the other day.  It has a very interesting consist of motley wagons.

A quin lash up with 8232 leading and DL50 as the fourth unit.

The only wagon in the consist built this century (well actually 1999 in China and delivered in 2000), XGAY 0006. 

VHAF 530 still wearing the former Freight Austrlia livery.

VHAF 864 which was previously a VHHF.  It is now fitted with NSW bogies.  

VHGF 264 with a decent graffiti patch out.

VHGF 223 with a well faded PN blue side.

VHHF 874 also with NSW bogies.

Former 1960s coal hopper, now NGIF 40015.

Former 1970s NGAX, now NGLF 30743.


11 August 2017

RKWY 2998

Spotted RKWY 2998 the other day on the back of PS6.

The significant repair of the side wall would make a great modelling project.


05 August 2017

Refurbished Toll Curtain-Sider 3NW912

Got this today on PS6.  Is is a freshly repainted and new curtain on container 3NW912.  The curtain is similar to the new build TINT curtain siders, but the logo is more central on the side.

The container would be around 20 years old.


04 August 2017

Lithgow Yard

A couple of interesting thing at Lithgow Yard this week.

Freshly painted 8231 waits to be picked up on a coal service.

A load of Airly coal bound for a power station on the central coast, led by triple CEYs.


03 August 2017

Horse Float on MB7

 A pretty cool load on a Caru leasing SLZU flat rack.  This Nissan Patrol and horse float have come over from WA and was seen on MB7.  

 The train was headed up by a very clean LDP003 and 005.
Coming into Mittagong station.

Rounding the curve at Picton Road near Maldon.


31 July 2017

Diverted Manildra Trains

A couple of diverted (due to track work) Manildra Group trains past Aylmerton on the weekend.

Clean and repainted, 8205 leads 8110 and 8206 on 9138 containers to Port Botany.

8101 and 8209 lead 1935 to Bomaderry in the last rays of afternoon light.


30 July 2017

Omega Chemicals

Snapped this light blue ISO tank this afternoon.  Marked for Omega Chemicals, it is ZIPU 021440-3 and normally carries Aluminium Chlorohydrate solution.

Omega has a colourful mix of tanks, including a bright blue and a purple one.  This is the first I have seen with this type of bracing.


24 July 2017

Kooly Ore Train

While in Kalgoorlie, I managed to get loaded ore train 4413 at Binduli.  The train comprised of two groups of two locos, and 160 ore wagons.

AC 4308 and 4302 leading the 160 wagon loaded train to Esperence.

The distributed power units ACC 6031 and 6032, some 106 wagons from the lead locos.

WO 31210 from the original batch of ore wagons built in 1967/68.

WOA 31305 from the second batch of ore wagons built in 1970/71.

WOB 31396, built in 1974, and was originally planned to go to BHP Mt Newman, but was cut down in height and used on these services.  

WOC 31366 as built in the late 1990s.

WOD 31480 also built in the late 1990s.

WOE 31096 is an early WOE from around 2001.  

WOE 33562 built in 2008, and fitted with an ARG logo.

2015 build WOE 33840 is one of 30 new hoppers with Aurizon logos, which were built by UGL in Inner Mongolia.


22 July 2017

US Piggybacks from 2015

Just processing some old photos over the weekend, and came across these piggyback trailers from 2015 when I was in Pennsylvania.   A few 28ft pup trailers to start with.

ABF trailer 500783

A string of 12 pup trailers comprising of Yellow, UPS, YRC and Roadway.

A Roadway and YRC Freight trailer.

A Yellow and YRC Freight trailer.

ABF trailer ABFZ 660693

Alliance Shippers Inc trailer ALLZ 531077

Clipper Controlled Logistics trailer AXXZ 548610

Interstate Dist. Co. trailer 538360

A JB Hunt JBHU container on a JBHZ skel trailer.

KLLM Transport Services trailer KLMZ 91227

Marten trailer MTLZ 18719

Prime Intermodal trailer PRIZ 158105

Prime Inc trailer PRIZ 111098

Empty JBHZ 160258 skel.

Southern Refrigerated Transport trailer R141015Z

Swift trailer 537642

Taylor Truckline trailer R70191

Taylor Truckline trailer 60281

Triple Crown trailer TCIZ 261267.  Note the location of the wheels compared to all the other trailers.

Short (48ft) UPS trailer UPSZ 846935

UPS trailer 876052

Werner Enterpries trailer 47561

White Arrow trailer WARZ 8157

Xtra Lease trailer OVZZ 722182

Yellow trailer 431153