25 November 2017

New Linfox Reefer

On today's MB4 service were two new Linfox 46'6 reefer.  

They were FTLD 9106714 and 9106722.  They are easily identified by the vertical yellow lines (similar to the Toll 4CB reefers) for top lifting.

Interesting, the most recent reefers (that I ave seen) were FCBD 9106150 series.  

The F prefix is most likely for FCL, which Linfox acquired a few years ago.  

The second letter denotes the type of reefer unit (T for Thermo King or C for Carrier).

The third letter has historically been in order with FTAD/FCAD and then FCBD.  No idea why they have jumped to 'L' as the third letter. 

The last letter has always been 'D' for Linfox reefers.  Not sure why.

Also strange that the numbering has jumped from 6150 series to 6700 series.  

Finally, the last batch of FCBD reefers were coded as MFR3 type which is 48ft, and R3 type reefer.  These new ones are RFRG of which the first 'R' is not an ISO code, but most likely for 46'6 reefers, and the RG type is just a different way of noting R3 type reefers.  Strange that two identical containers in different batches have different markings.


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