Caru Specialised Leasing - SLZU

Caru containers have been around for a long time now, but in December last year (2015) I noticed my first Caru Specialised Leasing (CSL) container.  Seems this business was formed 12 months ago according the press release.  Below are a selection of the different CSL containers I have seen in my travels.  All CSL containers carry the prefix SLZU.

Side Door container type 2NGD, 170000 series.  

ISO tank type 22K2.  240000 and 250000 series.

I haven't noted anything in the 300000 series.  

Pneumatic ISO tank type 2EN8,  400000 series.  A lot of these operate in QLD and look to be leased to Queensland Cement.

Pneumatic ISO tank type 25N8, in the 460000 series.  These were noted to be new in early 2018, and are running with the 400000 series type on cement workings.

Full bulk (top hatches) BK2 and CPC type 2EB0.  500000 Series.  Note the CSL text rather than the full name.  I think these were the mark 1 logo design.

Possibly semi-bulk (end door only?) and CPC type 2EG9.  Series 510000 and the mark 2 logo.

Half height bulkers with no type code.  Series 600000 and the old logo style.

Standard 20ft CPC type 2EG1.  720000 series.

Standard 9'6 40ft CPC type 4EG1,  740000 series.

An improvement on the 740000 series is the 9'10 40ft CPC type 4FG1 with tine pockets. Series 750000.

40ft flatracks.  800000 series.  

40ft 42P3 flatracks in series 140000. 


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  1. you can find CS Leasing on the below website they are no longer called CARU Specialised Leasing they have offices in Sydney Brisbane and Melbourne
    Singapore and other overseas offices