19 March 2023

New SCF 46'6 Reefer

Came across this new SCF reefer in February.  It is a 46'6 reefer SCFU 823025, so is brand spanking new.  

Based on sighting, this appears to be from a possible batch of 10, number 823021-823030.  Most have been running Melbourne-Perth but this one was headed Melbourne to Brisbane.



03 March 2023

Infrabuild - New Containers

Infrabuild have taken possession of over 400 new flatrack container for carrying steel products.  These light grey containers are turning up on Pacific National services all over the country, and running on both traditional Steelink services as well as common intermodal superfreighters.  These containers have seen a move away from more traditional steel wagon as well as the leased bulky shipping style flatracks.  These containers were supplied by CS Leasing.

20FT Flatrack 27P2 type.  These are IFRU 200000 series totalling 75 in the fleet.  Commonly seen carrying reobar from Melbourne and wrapped steel from Newcastle.

40FT Flatrack 47P2 type.  These are IFRU 400000 series totalling 250 in the fleet.  Commonly seen carrying reobar (and overlength reobar) from Melbourne and wrapped steel from Melbourne and Newcastle.

48FT Flatrack M7P2 type.  These are IFRU 480000 series totalling 10 in the fleet, so are a bit of a rare beast.  Commonly seen carrying longer wrapped steel from Melbourne.

20FT Half Heights 27U5 type.  These are IHHU 000000 series totalling 70 in the fleet.  Commonly seen carrying different sized rod in coil products from Newcastle.  Also operating in this traffic are the Toll painted and marked QRXL half heights which previously saw operation in QLD.  

In QLD I have seen Royal Wolf RWLU 350000 series half heights also but appears they may not have come across into the Infrabuild pool



26 February 2023

Lindsday Transport Trailer

A couple of years back Lindsay Transport reached out to use one of my Blog shots which showed a fresh set of 5 new reefers on a PN 5-pack.  They liked the shot as it had a second rail line in front of the train which emphasised that it was rail haulage.  

Anyway, after we struck a deal, they applied the photo to at least one trailer, and I'm not sure if there is more than one.  I have seen this trailer a couple of times now in my travels, and earlier this year snapped it at Enfield by itself.

Lindsday Transport continue to invest heavily in LTCD 46'6 reefers, with several hundred now in traffic.

Contact me in the comments section if you have a commercial requirement for any of my photos, or something specific.



25 February 2023

Ships in Hunter River

Sent the drone down the Hunter River last week for a few nice morning shots.  

Blue Cecil

Omisimam Island

Frontier Explorer



11 February 2023

Drone Shots

Here is a selection of drone shots taken in the Southern Highlands NSW over the past 6 months.  Plenty of variety from the various operators.



07 February 2023

New T75 Cryo Tanks

Came across these fancy tanks last week heading to Brisbane.

Cryogenic & Industrial Services 22K7/T75 tanks CYSU 207533-4 and 207535-5.

Both are carting Carbon Dioxide for Air Liquide.

Appears the tanks are manufactured by CHART in Changzhou China.



31 January 2023

White SLZU Bulker

Scored this unusual CS Leasing bulker today on an MB service.

SLZU 512422-0 is a 25B0 bulker with three top hatches and a pair of unloading slots in the end.  

What makes this box interesting is that it is the first CS Leasing box I have seen that it white.  All the other bulkers are the dark red/maroon colour as you can see to the left and right of this container in the photo.

Anyway, this box, along with another 200 or so were build for ammonium nitrate traffic, and the former placards were mounted to the cross-hatch area on the side of the container.  


18 January 2023

Team Global Express - New Containers

Happy New Year

In the lead up to the Christmas, plain green containers started appearing on PN rail services. While the green was similar to Toll, it was also very close to the Intermodal Solutions shade. The coding of INTR also suggested a possible lease container from Intermodal Solutions. 

Anyway, a few months on, and the mystery has been revealed!

40ft container INTR 4022096 was shot on a PN MB intermodal service with one of these containers sporting Team Global Express (TGE) markings.  

It is assumed that the INTR is a TGE code for their asset, with the numbering being the full 7 digits with no check letter.  It is expected that the '40' is for 40ft in length, the 22 is the year manufactured, and the last three digits are the unit number, so in this case it is box 096.

Team Global Express is the new name for Toll Global Express (which was formerly Toll).  The name change has come after Allegro acquired the Toll business from Japan Post in 2022.

Great looking container and hopefully more to come.


24 December 2022

Thanks for your patience as its been three months since my last post.  This year has been exceptionally busy with family, work, and a heap of other commitments in the community.  

While my posting this year has been a bit slow (as has my photography), this Blog continues to be an enjoyable past-time for me and obviously for many of you.  

Looking at the stats, it is a pretty amazing journey:

  • Blog started in 2010!
  • Over 1200 posts
  • 700,000 page views
Anyway, to celebrate another year and of course Christmas, I thought I would post this rare tank container that I captured in November.  

I haven't seen a red one of these before.  This is a Specialty Trailer Leasing Inc tank marked as JBKU 238534-3.  It is a Helium carrier, and may be this colour for BOC Limited.

I'll endeavour to post more over this holiday period.

Have a safe and relaxing Christmas.


24 September 2022

Fletcher Diversion

Shot a diverted Fletcher / SSR service on the south a few weeks ago.

The usual triple FIE locos leading a healthy sized train.  FIE004 is due to debut in October as an additional loco the the Dubbo to Sydney freight task.

While a lot of the freight is frozen lamb, some of the meat is chilled to -1c, so needs constant power to maintain the right temp.  To do this, a generator in a container is used to supply power.  Here is GEN002 powering a couple of 22R1 reefers on wagon FRAY 04.

GEN002, a converted 22G1 container with a genset mounted inside.

Isn't this adorable?  Cosco Shipping marked 22R1 reefer.

Former Hanjin 22G1 box, now owned by Triton and marked as TLLU.