23 October 2021

Army Aviation Fuel Containers

A funk Army load on MB4 this morning.  Containers are marked for aviation fuel


09 October 2021

Boxcar 'reborn'?

These pair of 46'6 PN reefers have been rebranded for a number of months now, but have been captive between Perth and Melbourne.

Yesterday they ventured south from Brisbane to Melbourne on BM4, which does not usually convey PN container/express containers.  

These were formerly marked Pacific National but wear a Boxcar logo.  The road numbers are 4872 and 4890.  

Based on the colours, Boxcar may be a PN brand, but the Boxcar name is still registered to Linfox (from 2000).  


24 September 2021

Green and Gold CMA CGM Box

Never seen this one before and was very lucky to get a shot of it between the shadows.  

22G1 box CMAU 218780-5 in an Australian CMA CGM livery, maybe marked up for ANL?

If anyone knows the story behind this box, please leave a comment.



11 September 2021

Qube QL Class C44aci

 New Qube C44aci QL class locos have been running on the south the last week.  Here are a few shots from around the Mittagong.


10 September 2021

Repainted SCFU 46'6 Reefer

Formerly marked for Rail Containers with orange trim, SCFU 810041-4 has been fully repainted and looks good as new.



04 September 2021

Manildra MGFH in Grain

A number of MGFH hoppers have been converted for grain operation.  A yellow square with a black G is on some of them.

Also managed to get a shot of 1738 which has the face of Ron 'Fox' Bennett painted by Guido Van Helten.



27 August 2021

NR66 and New Toll Reefers

Managed my first shots of NR66 still with the Movember sticker on the front.  Guess PN will get another year out of it!

Also in the consist was a 40+ SCFU Reefer.  A block of these in the 821500 series have been remarked for Toll Shipping with the highest one seen so far being TSHR 2141.  


14 June 2021

CF4402 Rail First

 CF4402 now sports Rail First logos.  Something different!


12 June 2021

MSC Shipping Containers

A few new MSC shipping containers on the Visy train the other day. 

The brown ones with black MSC look odd, and are Florens lease containers.   

FFAU marked 45G1 container.

Another FFAU marked 45G1 container.

MSMU is a new code for MSC container.  This one is very new!


08 June 2021

Bosch Container

Snapped this cool 22G1 shipping container repaint on the weekend heading north on MB4.