24 September 2022

Fletcher Diversion

Shot a diverted Fletcher / SSR service on the south a few weeks ago.

The usual triple FIE locos leading a healthy sized train.  FIE004 is due to debut in October as an additional loco the the Dubbo to Sydney freight task.

While a lot of the freight is frozen lamb, some of the meat is chilled to -1c, so needs constant power to maintain the right temp.  To do this, a generator in a container is used to supply power.  Here is GEN002 powering a couple of 22R1 reefers on wagon FRAY 04.

GEN002, a converted 22G1 container with a genset mounted inside.

Isn't this adorable?  Cosco Shipping marked 22R1 reefer.

Former Hanjin 22G1 box, now owned by Triton and marked as TLLU.



17 September 2022

Toll Shipping Reefers TSHR

A few updates on Toll Shipper 40+ foot reefers:

New reefers have started appearing with year 22 prefixes.  Photoed below are TSHR 2205 and 2206.  Interestingly they carry no Toll markings and also have a neat reflective rectangle around the perimeter.  The first box in the series is 2200, and I have seen 2208.

This was a neat catch; 5 x TSHR reefers on the same 5-pack.  Quite a selection of ages and brandings.

Noted in recent months is that Toll and Toll Shipping logos are being painted out.  These cover a number of series including the 13, 14, and 15 year series.  Some are better than others.  

To complete the story, the 21 year prefix containers are SCF leased units remarked from SCFU 821 series reefer into the Toll series of 21xx.  Obviously these don't carry Toll logos either. 

Anyone know why Toll logos are being painted out?


10 September 2022

More Kitchens on the Run

Always interesting when Kitchens on the Run (https://korhire.com.au/) containers turn up on trains.  


BOX-42L  (Left hand kitchen unit)

BOX-JH014C (Joining Hub)

BOX-PC069R (Right Preparation & Coolroom)


04 September 2022

Legend Tanks

 A whole stack of Legend marked tanks (some owned and some leased) turn up on a Melbourne to Sydney service last week.  Here they are.

30 August 2022

Branchline Ballast

Jagged this classic the morning after returning from a long holiday.  

Here are 3 x SSR 49 class on a ballast job returning back to Chullora, coming through Tahmoor.



29 July 2022

New Toy - Drone Photo

Took the new toy out for a fly today.  It is a DJI Mini 3 Pro.  

Train service is NY3.


30 June 2022

Rare SCFU Curtain Sider

Despite being 8 years old, I have never seen this SCF 48ft curtain sider.

This unit is SCFU 814149-7 and has a orange curtain and has the (what would have been new) large logo.


30 May 2022

Old Blue forty-footers

Some old brand and old logo blue 40ft shipping containers

An old CMA CGM logo, something like 15-20 years old.

Two Italia containers, which is part of Evergreen and started getting these logos from 2006.

The same Lloyd Triestino box is doing the rounds on the east coast.  This would be pre-2006 before the Italia name was being used, but is still in the post 1993 Evergreen style.



29 May 2022

NTFS tarp on K&S Flatrack

Not something you would normally see...  

An NTFS tarp on a K&S Flatrack with a load of Wesbeam timber.

Neat tarp!


28 May 2022

EL51 Rail Frist Repaint

Love the new Rail First livery on the EL class.  EL51 here on an SCT MB9 job last week.