02 May 2022

New Qube Jumbo Coil Containers QJAU

Qube have just taken delivery of a stack of new QJAU 20ft jumbo coil containers.  

These are pretty neat, as a pair of them lock together and form a third cradle between the inner ends of each container, giving much greater flexibility than the previous DMJU coil containers.  

These containers are suitable for jumbo coils which have a diameter of 1410-2200mm, a maximum width of 1950mm, and a maximum mass of 30,400kg.  

They look great in grey, on the SQSY 40ft skels.


11 April 2022

Some unusual container codes...

Seen a few unusual or uncommon container codes over the past month, and here are a few shots:





HBTU 412 - PBC Expo



GURU - Coral Tanks

SKYU - Marked for Rotary Kiln Services

Maybe a former APL box, now marked for BXUU

Another patch out BXUU box




A classic - SEAU, Sealand 42G1.  

SKYU marked with a Royal Wolf logo...strange

SCFU box marked as TSMS for Toll Shipping (M=Mez floor?)

Another SCFU box marked as TSSD for Toll Shipping (Side Door)



10 April 2022

Triton TLLU 22G1 Container

While most TLLU Triton containers are brown, this one (TLLU 322895-8) is a bit unusual.  It is painted a light grey colour and appears to have half removed lettering on it.  Maybe TDS?  

Anyone seen this before or know what was on it?



09 April 2022

New Rail First CQPY Wagons

Rail First have built new 40ft skels at Islington Workshops.  The wagons are CQPY 1801-1850 and have started appears on Qube Bluescope trains with jumbo coil container.

Below are a selection of the shots from March.



08 April 2022

K&S Flatracks with ReoBar

Started seeing a few 'non-standard' reobar loads on K&S flatrack during March.  

These 20ft 400 series flatrack have been uncommon over the past 15 years, but there was a decent load of them headed to Brisbane a few weeks back.  They are a very neat little setup. 

This one is a standard KHS 40ft flatrack but was loaded with 48ft reobar which I haven't seen before on one of these.  The overhang is pretty cool at each end.



07 April 2022

Boxcar Curtains

Have snapped these in the past week on the East Coast.  All three are old PNXC 000 series containers which date back to around 2005 when the Trailerail services ceased and containers took over.

These curtain siders started showing up last year with at least 6 or so marked with Boxcar logos.

I have posted on he Boxcar reefers here



06 April 2022

Linfox 40+ Reefer

The newer FRBB 40+ reefers from Linfox have a unique logo arrangement with a very offset position.  Possibly, the location has been designed to allow a customer logo to be placed on the container also?

FRBB 9141106 is photoed below.  Enjoy!


27 March 2022

RCSF Coils

The RCSF coil fleet has now passed into the ownership of Qube.  At Port Kembla a rake of about 5 are lined up with a nice bit of backlighting.

The spec of one of the coils is:

11.64 tonnes in weight

1064mm wide x 3.75mm thick

outer diameter of 1525mm

Material is Tubeform 300.  Hot-dipped Zinc-coated.


25 March 2022

MGFH 1758 - Norma Woodhart

Managed to get another Van Helten painting last weekend.

This is Norma Woodhart on MGFH 1758

You can see Ron Fox Bennett here



19 February 2022

Qube Steel Trains

2022 will be remembered for a long time (especially by model railroaders) as the year that saw a major change in haulage of the Bluescope steel contract from PN to Qube.  

A large number of jumbo coil and plate steel wagons have transferred across for Qube to haul, along with Bluescope RH and RV (butter boxes) and DMJU jumbo coil container frames.   

Qube are carrying the containers and butter boxes on new CRRC Meishan built SQSY 40ft skels (about 400 of them all up), along with a small fleet of new plate steel and beam carrying wagons.

Below are some photos of the a loaded Qube steel train from Port Kembla to Melbourne in mid Feb 2022.