30 November 2020

New SCFU Boxes

A few new 2020 SCF containers have started showing up on the east coast.  

They look very similar to the 419 series of 40ft and 48ft boxes with the orange corner posts however tehse carry Vertical Load Bar text on the bottom sill.

SCFU 420025 on a PN MB4 service.

SCFU 420037 on a PN MB4 service.

SCFU 482083 on an SCT MB9 service.

SCFU 482083 on an SCT MB9 service.

Interestingly the 48ft boxes have gone back to a '48' prefix rather than a '420' prefix which has been the normal method for the past few years (i.e. 419 used for both 40ft and 48ft).  

The last time a '48' prefix was used on 48ft containers was the 486000 series that were initially delivered in 2016, although it seems that a second batch were delivered in 2017.  Previous to that, 4804 and 4805 prefixes were used on Northline leased containers which probably date back to 2004 and 2005.




24 November 2020

Toll 48+ Reefers

From what I can tell, these massive 48'11 reefers normally grace the rails between Adelaide and Darwin, however two turned up on a MB4 service the other day bound for Brissy.

Not sure if they have returned or may see some use in FNQ on the narrow gauge?  

Anyway, these two are TGLA 480026 and 480030.  They appear to be the same as the newer Linfox FTLD 48'11 reefers.  


22 November 2020

SCF and McColls Milk ISO Tankers

SCF have put up a cool video on their food grade ISO tanks which are used by McColls for moving milk product interstate.

Currently there are a number of these tanks running on SCT's BM9/MB9 service, some which are branded for McColls. 

Below is a selection of my shots of these 2DKA, which are in the SCFU 885 series (24,000L) and 895 series (24,500L).  For those interested, SCF have a number of light blue framed tanks used by Palmalat in the 875 series.    

SCFU 885003 in November 2020.

SCFU 885009 in October 2020 with the small McColls logo.

SCFU 895006 (with McColls logo) and CFU 885005 in June 2020.

SCFU 895006.

SCFU 895000 in June 2020 (I haven't seen this one since!).

SCFU 895010 in September 2020 with an offset logo.  

Not an SCFU tank, but an old TransAmerica Leasing tank now owned by McColls as MCTU 956080.


07 November 2020

Original Jumbo Coil Containers and Infront Models

Earlier this week I shot a PQGY with a pair of original jumbo coil containers.  These have been around for at least 15 years, but are well and truly outnumbered by the newer DMC and DMJU jumbo coil containers.  

My sighting coincided with the ordering of a few Infront Model containers available here which are really nicely cast with a lot of detail and only need a slight flash tidy up and a paint.  I'd highly recommend picking some up.  

With the recent sighting and my new models, I thought I would have a look back at some photos from my extensive collection from the period of 2004-2007 when jumbo coil cartage started to turn containerised.

The above four potos show PQGY 3136 with a recently loaded pair of older jumbo coil containers, the same as available from Infront Models.

An RQKY with two containers in 2004.  They had not been painted yellow by this time.

An NQIY or RQIY with another pair of rusty containers. 

A VQCX in 2004 passing through Broadmeadow Yard with another pair of jumbo coil containers.

By 2005 the containers had been painted yellow.  These are on RQMF 4260, and interestingly, are placed with the coil inboard which is pretty unusual.

RQMF 4260 again with a better view of the cradle end.

Another cradle in 2005 this time fitted to RQKY 2029.  

A nice view of RQKY 2029 at Junee in 2005.  This would make a nice model with an Auscision wagon and coils.  

In 2004 new DMC jumbo coil cradles were being introduced.  About 30 or so formed the first order.  This photo in 2006 shows an RQMF/RQMY with a mash up of DMC and an old container on the same deck.  This arrangement was and still is pretty rare.    

Jumping forward to 2009, they appears on an NQFF.  This would have been after Pacific National and Patrick Portlink lost a lot of the Port Botany container traffic to other operators.

Another NQFF in 2009, and this one with the cradles inboard.

And the last shot of RQMF 3059 in 2009 with a standard set up.  

Looking back, I have photoed a train with no less than 10 of these container as part of the load.  I'm not sure how many are in traffic, but I would think that it would be around 20 at most.  


01 November 2020

Royal Wolf 48ft Curtain Sider

In 2018 Royal Wolf introduced some new 48ft curtain siders in the 919 series.  

Seems like the first 10 had large logos with blue ends, and the next 10 or so (delivered in 2019) have grey end without any logos.

Below is a recent shot of RWTU 919006-2.