30 July 2011

Steelink Variations

Two oddities from 28/7.  Interestingly, one is a former NSW open wagon and the other a former VIC open wagon.

RCQF 20390 with a very detailed side sill paint job.  Note the red marking above the operational equipment such as the handbrake, load comp and release lever.  A white borderline also separates the red from the yellow.  I suspect this was a NSW repaint? 

RKMX 226 with a pair of NSW bogies (the one on the right is an XLB - National Type), and the front container has a grey lid.  The lids are the same regardless of colour - it is the bases that vary.


Busy Friday

Plenty of trains and plenty of sun in the Highlands yesterday.  Here are three trains (late WP2, 2134 and 8958).  Still to come are PS6 and BM4.

A load of Jumbo Coils.  The wagon with the skeletal deck is a RCBF.   

Similar wagons but very different loads.  The wagon near the top of the photo (RCDX) has been loaded with scrap steel, where as the VOFX/RKCX at the bottom has been loaded with finished steel products such as merchant bar or reo.

 Plate wagon RKQF 60213.

Train 2134 with 8178.  Since the Kandos cement train ceased (1721/7122), 100t gross NPHH hoppers have turned up in the Highlands.  This train had about 10 up front.

 From memory, the only NPHH with PN logos is NPHH 82116.

ARG grain train.


25 July 2011


The first of the QQCY 5-pack wagons delivered by Bradken for QR.  Here is QQCY 1101 fitted with dynamic test equipment ready for high speed testing this week.

The wagon is similar in design and style to the NRC built RQQY wagons.


19 July 2011

XW4 - 9th July 2011

A varied selection of Steelink Wagons from XW4 a few weeks back.

An original NR107 in reasonably good condition.

 Former Freightcorp NQTY 20319 - Not too many on Steelink services at the moment.

 Rail pair RKAX 15

An unidentified RKMX (NODY origins) with two repainted butter boxes.  The boxes repainted last year were done in a light grey colour.  These are more link the CIMC supplied boxes.   

Dull and faded RKNX 319. 

Near original with the tie bars and chain box, is RKPF 30309.  The mesh deck was fitted when it was converted for plate steel, and NRC fitted the 70t bogies. 

 Rail pair RKRF 1616.

 CR red RQKY 2141.

RQCX 712 with two more repainted butterboxes. Note the location of the vertical ID labels.   

RQTY 620 - the half height scrap containers are becoming pretty rare on these services.


18 July 2011

Return of the RQIW

Crappy weather today, but managed to jag this beauty.  RQIW 60293 with butter boxes.  I haven't seen an RQIW with butter boxes for a few years now, so great to see at least one having returned to Steelink services. 


15 July 2011

Barber Bogie?

Here is one that has stumped me.  Can anyone identofy the bogie under RCSF 27?  The photo was taken on 9th July 2011.  I've never seen a bogie like it.

The bogie looks to be a Barber type, with extremely long horns and axle box keeps which look like pins.

Comments welcome!

Blog Stats

Just a quick note to say that last month (June 2011) recorded the highest number of page view since I started this Blog.  A total of 5316 pageviews were recorded.


ARG 3958

A photo of ARG/QRN grain train last Sunday running through Aylmerton around lunch time.


14 July 2011

XW4 - 11/07/2011

Some XW4 steel wagon shots from Bargo.

RKCX 1045 still with Vline logos.

RKMX 222 still with XG type bogies.

RKWY 2158 - a recent PN conversion from an ROOX or similar.
RQFY 119
VOFX 1059 in a very VR red.
Triple NRs on the front.


12 July 2011

PS7 From Above

I didn't want to go far from home, so opted for some overhead shots as the light was very much on the front.

PS7 at the 126km mark at Aylmerton.


 RWTU 900000 - I beleive this was the first (or one of the first) Royal Wolf curtain sided container.  I got photos back the very early 2000s at Cooks River of these freshly delivered.

 TERF 48001 - This is likely to be the very first Toll 48ft container - manufactured at least 15 years ago.


11 July 2011

PN South Jobs - 6th July 2011

A few photos from XW4 and PS6 last week.

RCOF 20867, covered in Warranty Tape, with original YM bogies fitted.  Many RCOF wagons now have three-piece X type bogies fitted.

 An unidentified RKCX showing the tarping arrangement.  Note the panel in the corner that used to carry Lysaghts signage.

 RKCX 4003 still with Lysaghts signage at each end.

RKLY 20554.  This was an early RCAF refurbishment by NRC, and as such was fitted with Barber bogies.  As far as I am aware, it would be the only RCAF or RLKY with Barbers fitted.

 RKWY 2514 with a yellow side sill. 

 Original Sadleirs Van RLSY 18749.

 Repainted in the last few weeks, RLUY 18675.  Shame they didn't go to the effort to re-badge them as RLSYs also.

 Tanktainer carrying TEG.

A Tri Fleet tranktainer


08 July 2011

BQAY 2001

Let me introduce Australia's newest wagon - BQAY 2001, officially completed today, constructed in Australia.

I'll share some more details in the near future!

07 July 2011

SSR's 4904 (was KL80)

Former CFCLA KL80 has emerged from the Goulburn paintshop with a new owner and new identity.

It is seen at Aylmerton and Bargo on the delivery run to Sydney on 6 July 2011.

To finish off, a little bit of trivia;  KL80 was numbered as such, after the Australian Customs Bay Class ACV 80 patrol boat - which could be seen from the former CFCLA Head Office.