30 August 2020

Tahmoor Morning

A few photos from the Tahmoor deviation last week.  Managed a nice combo on the SSR Yellow grain train, a crossing shot with 2196 stonie, and the Qube cement job to Maldon.


28 August 2020

Interesting Side Door

Snapped this on MB4 yesterday morning.  LYPU 002947-2 which are marked as a 45G3 which two large side doors.

25 August 2020

Repainted Cronos Bulker

Came across this repaint on a PS6 service the other week.  The number series appears to be a Cronos box.  The colour looks like SCF dark grey.  No idea what the plywood panel is doing! 

09 August 2020

Cosco 22G1 Repair

A bit of an odd patch colour on this suspected repaired Cosco 22G1 box.


04 August 2020

LDP001 makes an appearance!

LDP001 made an appearance on TM81 Tahmoor coalie today with 8205 and 8207 on the rear.  

Nice and clear for a shot at Aylmerton.


03 August 2020

Toll Weetbix Tryathlon

Snapped this rare beast on a Perth to Sydney service last week.  It is an old container, probably at least 20 years old based on the design.  

Carrying the number TSPD 410109-5, it is marked in the new Toll livery and advertising sponsorship for the Weetbix Tryathlon.