24 August 2015

Salamanca Fresh!

Toll reefer TSHR 1501 is getting around with Salamanca Fresh markings.  Salamanca Fresh is a fresh food retailer in Tassie.

All other TSHR reefers (in the 1500 series) carry the standard Toll markings.


22 August 2015

Red Truck

A pile of new Red Truck Removal and Storage containers in Sydney.  

These are REDU coded, and the highest one seen was 000080.


21 August 2015

Lithgow Workshops

Some shots from Lithgow Railway Workshops



Various SSR locos under repairs and maintenance.

S317 in the new bulldog livery.

T363 presently stored.


20 August 2015

Container Yard

A couple of 'over the fence' shots at a container park in Sydney (near Ikea).

Carlisle leasing CRLU 522319.  The aluminium finish on this container just oozes the 1980s!

A pile of Tradecorp TIHU containers.  These look to be ventilated side door (one side only).  


19 August 2015


A late afternoon shot of Aurizon's BM7 passing through Mittagong Station.


18 August 2015

KingSpan Container

The only interesting container from the day of snow.

ALMU 414051 marked with Kingspan advertising.


17 August 2015


A couple of RCSF Shots from July.

RCSF 69 in very good V/Line livery.

RCSF 27 with a Barber S-2 Bogie from 1973.  It looks like the side frame is actually capable of holding a large bearing than the E class currently fitted.  


16 August 2015

July Catch Up

Expect a few blog updates from July.  It's amazingly difficult to keep on top of all my shots.

NR41 portrait leading PS6.

An old FCL box - FCG 964284

A Linfox FCGU 9140003

Another Linfox FCGU 9140020

FGDU 9108143

The Linfox boxes are 4 letters and 7 digits rather than the usual 6 digits and a check letter.

An old Toll bulktainer - NB 29013

An old 20ft container with just the number.

5-pack artic well PQYY 7007.

Marked for NYK Logistics, but carrying the Sadleirs code of RCS 4098.

RQAY 21945.

RQPW 60077 with a standard marked Sadleirs RCS 40ft cotnainer.

RVTU 941347 with the lift deck logo.

A Royal Wolf curtain sider - RWTU 903092.

Without the lift deck, this box is RWTU 941324.

Standard shipping box TIHU 210197.

Very faded VQCY 517 with Toll TCML 48520.

The train in question - PS6.


15 August 2015


A few various containers from a couple of weeks back on MB4.

Low height ARCH 000000 carrying a corrosive liquid.

Breeze 01 which is a second hand container

Breeze 6 which may be new.  It is a GPR1 type.

MB035 with the Toll logo painted out.

Previously all Unit 48 containers were leased by PN, however some are now marked NQDU whcih are leased by Toll.  This one is 480074.

An advertising SCFU box.  212631.


14 August 2015

Stored 100 tonners

A couple of 100 tonners stored on the line between Ararat and Avoca.  About 32 hoppers (VHNY, VHLY, and VHKY) are all pareked in a row.

Build new around 2001, VHKY 1152 is a similar design to the CFCLA (now GWA) CGAY wagons.

Former VHEF fitted with hungry boards, VHNY 1002 is also stored on the line.


13 August 2015

SCT in Victoria (Part 3/3)

I managed some shots of the SCT Horsham to Port Melbourne service, heading through Vite Vite.

CSR 002 in the late afternoon glint.

A trailing shot of CSR 002.  One of very few Chinese locos actually in service in Australia. 

The front of the train had two older PQMY wagons.  This one is 4231.

The rest of the train was newer PQKY wagon.ss Most were loaded with very clean Hamburg Sud HASU 40ft containers.


12 August 2015

SCT in Victoria (Part 2/3)

A selection of SCT Boxcars.

PBGY 0056.  I think this is so clean as it is ex-derailment rebuilt.

ABSY 4472.

Original prototype ARBY 4444.

ARBY 2833.

All the ARFY reefers are starting to look pretty tired.  Being a smooth sided van, they could be nicely redecorated.  Here is ARFY 2253.

ARFY 2396 with a Carrier unit.

ARFY 2400 with a Thermo Kin unit.  

Best looking one out of the bunch, ARFY 2402.