30 August 2010

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25 August 2010

Some 60ft Action

XW4 last week

Taken with a very short focal length, XW4 powers out of the shadows.

RQFX 5E (16/8) with a recently repainted grey coil container. Based on observations, the internal base of these containers is a flat deck, where as the orange containers are made for coil. The flat deck grey containers can be used to carry copper cathodes to Port Kembla.

A rare ROCY (34790) graces the rails, loaded with 7 x 2-piece YMC bogie frames. I recall seeing this wagon previously with bogie frames.

An NQFF with jumco coil container - note the cradle is over the bogies.

An RQMF with the same type of container but the cradles are over the middle of the deck.

Port Kembla

Aquick trip to Port Kembla for a discharge inspection found these two beauties around near the Jetty Roads.

Freshly painted 8102 on shunt duties. 8102 is the only 81 painted by Adelaide Spray Painters, and is only the second not to have large side numbers (the ohter is 8118 painted by EDI Cardiff). These two units are part of the Intermodal Division, rather than PN Bulk.

ROKX 2914 (surprisingly still with doors!) has a repainted Commonwealth Railways board, and a repainted data panel. Interestingly there is no yellow strip on the side.


24ft Containers

I'm trying to catch up again.

Another 24ft container. 4610 (So there are at least 10 - maybe only 10). This one is on an older 5-pack with a 40ft deck. Note how it is located on the twistlocks.

Leading the train was NR92. Fitted with inline fueling and still sporting side diamonds!


18 August 2010

Chullora Snaps

I worked a train on the weekend, so grabbed these shots when signing on at Chullora.

NDZF 40051 (and 40052) the most recently built Railcorp. These are made for carrying pre build track to worksites. They were built by BRO in Adelaide.

The Zepher LOK001 is under evaluation by Railcorp. It had previously been tested by PN.

C503 at UGR Chullora.

One of my favourite units, 7301, which has been a long term resident at Chullora. I remember this unit getting around the metro doing local XPT shunt jobs. Certainly a very nice livery!


Last Wednesday's job had a nice quad lt by fresh NR31.

RQMF 4344 with some DMC jumbo coil cradles.

RKLY 20263 with a fresh butter box.

RKFX 43 with a very usty load of beams.

17 August 2010

3NY3 with pipes!

Time the trip to the Post Office today to perfection!

3NY3 coming through Mittagong.

NR73 and AN8 lead an empty 5-pack and then some steel wagons.

NR73 passes a 'home' signal approaching Mittagong Station.

RKEX 29 with a shall centre sill.
The unusual RKEX 2 with extra bits build onto the side.

Upgraded RKEX is now RKEF 170, with modified side stanchions and 70t bogies.

RKFX 4 with a new side panel

VFCX 105 and 129 loaded with gas? pipes. Also on the train were VFCX 112, 113 and 97.

Small pipes loaded into RKWY 17.

More grey pipes loaded into ROOX 2932.

RKWY 1979 with a load or larger steel black pipes.


Stored VOFX Wagons

A few VOFX wagons stored in the Storage Yard in Melbourne, but first, CGDY 4015 at the Creek Terminal.

VOFX 381 with a mixture of FA green and PN blue.

VOFX 1055 with FA green details.

VOFX 362 with PN blue details.

FA Green VOFX 1067 with a blue PN logo.

Cement 2134

A mixture of cement hoppers on 2134 last week.

8165 led the train through Mittagong
NPRF 82035 with red/orange L7 logos
NPRY 12142 in Frieghtcorp white
NPRY 18217 in Freightcorp white
NPRY 12067 with blue L7 logos
NPRY 18221 with blue L7 logos


14 August 2010

More Melbourne Photos

A few photos from around Melbourne, mainly Dynon.

Two El Zorro owned wagons - ZQLX. These are fromer Austrac EQAX wagons, which were former BHP PT late steel wagons. Note one has National bogies and the ohter has Ride controls.

In the middle of the photo is a BG RLKX. Interestlingly it is fitted with DMC jumbo coil container cradles. I haven't seen these used on the BG previously. It looked like an entire consist was made of these. I can only asume they are moving jumbo coil to or from Western Port. Anyone with any more details??

Two G class, probably from the Griffith service.

A V/Line leased CHOY. This rake is fitted with remnote control equipment.

Metro Photos

I was in Melbourne a week ago and got these photos of CFCLA wagons leased to MTM/Metro. The CF logos have been removed and the wagons and locos have been re-branded with the Metro logo.

The railset, Spoil set and ballast set storage in the Metro storage sidings Dynon.

The Rail Threader wagon CFCF1.

A re-branded T Class on the spoil train.

A CHOY bllast hopper with metro logos. These hoppers have LED lighting for night operations.

A photo of the 4 storage sidings that Meto use for the works trains.