16 February 2013

Hobart Yard

A few photos of Hobart yard this afternoon.


10 February 2013

Abt Railway

Went for a trip on the Abt today and got some photos at Dubbil Barril.

Steamer 3, diesel D2, and coach O20.

Lastly, the luggage racks are NSWR type but they have only made one end so every second one reads backwards.

09 February 2013

ABT railway

> There has been a lot of new this week about the closure of the West Coast Wilderness Railway in April.
> Here is a photo of D2 today at Strahan prior to departure.
> Enjoy

04 February 2013

February Posts

G'day Blog Followers,

I'll be travelling for most of February, so don't be alarmed if the usual 5 posts a week don't happen.

Hopefully I'll be able to 'phone' in some photos during my travels.

See you in March! 

03 February 2013

Over the Aurizon

I went out tonight to try and get a few Aurizon containers on BM7 - luckily (or unluckily) there was only one on the train.  AFED 411358 - might try again tomorrow if it is sunny.
 The locos on BM7 - by the end of the year, there may be no more LDPs on Aurizon services.
An FUKU container on a former narrow gauge QQAY.