15 February 2014

New 93s on MB4

Grab these the other week on MB4 past Aylmerton.
Very fresh 9314 and 9315 lead MB4.
Portrait of 9314.
A shot of the inline fuel tank on an RQHY wagon.  The ISO tank is fitted onto a skid base which allows swapping over of the tank if required.

10 February 2014

Steelink - My favs!

As my Blog reaches 4 years and almost 200,000 page views, I shudder to think what the future holds...(probably more photos of wagons!!)
I'll take this opportunity to also congratulate fellow Blogger, Scott, over at Barcoola http://barcoola.blogspot.com.au/ for his 100,000 page views over 4.5 years.  Barcoola would have to be one of my favourite Blogs, not only due to my soft spot for AN, but the fantastic modelling and documentation of the various processes undertaken in scale modelling.
Anyway, no better way than to celebrate with some steel wagons!  I snapped a late running WP2 at Bargo last Friday.  Summer has always been a slow few months for steel trains for me as they normally pass my place around 1pm when the lighting is pretty poor.
Former NQFF, now NCJF 21590 is loaded with three Jumbo coils.
Originally purchased by FCL, PRRY 5016 is now in the steel fleet.
RCKF with three jumbo coils. 
Originally an ESX (you can tell from the four end posts) and then an RKEX slab wagon, minor modifications have turned this into RKJX 26, suitable for plate steel.
The underside of a tilt bed is always facinating.  RKVY7277 give a show of the mechanics of it all.
Ex Freight Australia VQCY 938 on coil box traffic.
Another mate, VQTY 930 (with 70T bogies) in the same traffic.

08 February 2014

Trainlink Explorer

The 'up' Canberra Explorer on Friday was led by 2528 wearing the Transport NSW Trainlink logo. The rear power car still sported the Countrylink logo.

07 February 2014

A Weathering Project - NR65

A late running WP2 had NR65 as third unit.  This original vanilla loco is starting to look quite weather beaten.  It would certainly make a good model weathering project.

02 February 2014

Pacific National Stone Wagons - RHKY

Some photos of the recently delivered RHKY stone wagons being used for the Boral Peppertree Quarry contract.
The wagons are quite short at 13.5m, with 100T bogies and K class bearings.  The wagons are ECP and in a 2-pack configuration.  The trains are being operated in a push pull configuration with an NR (NRE) at both ends.