30 June 2019

Hanjin Lives On

Pretty rare to get a fully marked Hanjin box in such good condition.  This HJCU is a 45G1 and was on PS6 earlier in the week.  

It was very dark, so the ISO got bumped to 16000 which explains the grainy texture of the photo.


29 June 2019


I've been trying for a shot of these new Wridgeway boxes, and finally came across one in Sydney CBD.  

WWRW 000610-7 is a 25G1.


28 June 2019

Dawson Removals

A different style Dawson Moving container.  This 25G1 is DMSU 180003-2.


18 June 2019

Newcastle Trams

A selection of tram photos from late May, taken in Newcastle.


12 June 2019

IOR Bulk Tankers

No less than 6 IOR bulk fuel cells on PS6 the other week. 

 All of them are MTIU prefix, and also carry IOR tank numbers.  Note that there are a few different IOR logos on the side.


10 June 2019

NLLX 31457

Came across NLLX 31457 in Parkes Yard the other day.  I'm pretty sure it has been around for a long time, and looks to be track locked by new buildings now.