24 November 2010


I'm back into the blog!!

After a few busy weeks, I had a little bit of time to tour around Newcastle today.

Morandoo had VTQY 638 (ex Inline fuel wagon). I haven't see this wagon on site before - maybe ex Dubbo storage?

SQGF 151 at Broadmeadow with CSA containers.

SOAX 33192 at Kooragng Island loaded with ountain Industries coal containers.

XRN002 in Broadmeadow Yard

QHBH 55520 stored in Broadmeadw Yard.

QHBH 55286 also in Broad Yard.

Xstrata Rail are also storing coal hoppers in Broadmeadow Yar. PHEH 604.

PHEH 484 with a large side logo.

23 November 2010

N Class

Still catching up posting my Vctorian photos. Here are afew N class shots.



A few random shots of the Garbage train at Moss Vale last week.

NQHX 14536

NQHX 22167

NQIX 14829

NQHX 14824

NQHX 14494

NQIX 14841

NQCX 14477


C502 in CF Colours

C502 was recently repainted at AHSC Goulburn Workshops.


09 November 2010

Sand Wagon

Noted recently that the 4 dome sand wagon at Port Kembla loco was parked over near the old NRC office location for refilling by a Kalari sand tanker.

There is also a sand wagon stored at North Yard Port Kembla.

Sorry - no photos


Rail Car Photos

Sorry for the delay in posts - It has been very busy lately (you'll all find out why soon enough).

Here are a few Velocity and Sprinter photos to keep everyone happy.