22 January 2014

RAND Big Freeze

 While most RNAD reefers are coded as RAND with a three digit number, this one was coded as RBFU (Rand Big Freeze) with the standard shipping 6 digit number, being 466001 (as it is a 46'6" unit).

This was on BM7 earlier this week.  The big logo looks good!


18 January 2014

A few photos of the 'Garbo' 2122, from earlier in the week.  This is a summer time train, with these shots at Bargo taken around 1915hrs.
A pair of ANs on the empty garbage container service.
NQCX 14485
NQHX 14812
NQHX 22158
NQIX 14827
NQIY 10200.
All the containers are Collex operated TILU 42G1 boxes.

10 January 2014

FCL Innovation

A few favourites of mine, from FCL (now a Linfox company) 
The world's longest container at 19m!!

The Pocket Jumbo - a 20ft long 3.7m high can.  I can't recall ever seeing a taller box.

08 January 2014

Qube 1863

A few photos south of Goulburn from 30/12/13.  Qube 1863 was diverted via the south and headed to Dubbo.
A nice bright and colourful combo of RL301/1106/GL109 made for pleasant photography.
Middle bridge Cullerin.
Fish River.
RL301 portrait.
While waiting for Qube, PN grain train 9326 came along.

06 January 2014

Westons 1835

A few photos of Weston Milling service 1835 running via the south on 30/12/13, with a classic clean combo of 8160 and X48.
Departing Goulburn.
Top bridge at Cullerin.
Windmills at Cullerin.
Formerly a VHGY, VHAF 248 is relatively clean but rather patchy with VR yellow ends and roof, Freight Australia sides, and a Pacific National logo.  Also of interest is the 70T Ride Control bogies fitted (or rather, not removed when the code changed).  Historically, the VHAF fleet were fitted with 50T bogies (VXSC).
A long time Westons wagon, VHAF 566 still shows the scars of operating in the Sydney metropolitan area, and in particular Rozelle (when it was still open).  Note the 50T bogies.
There are a few blow ins on the rake these days.  Three NGWFs were in the consist of 22.  This one being 40024.
A side on portrait of X48, with the rather unique 'stars' livery.

04 January 2014

45R1 Reefers Part 2

A few shots from Oolong of the oppoising Qube train 1863, heading back to Dubbo. 
APL APRU 574763
APL APRU 584460
Capital CHIU 905078
Cronos CRSU 602787
SeaCube SZLU 963350
Triton TRIU 809647
UASC UACU 475087
Yang Ming YMLU 528614

03 January 2014

45R1 ISO Containers

The first of two installments of 45R1 reefer boxes. 
APL APRU 614091
Evergreen EGSU 500710.  I love the green posts.
MSC MEDU 908791
Maersk MWCU 528200
TAL ACLU 117437, with a Safmarine MRIU box infront.
Maersk MWCU 528335
Triton TRIU 867099

01 January 2014

22R1 ISO Reefers

A few reefer shots of 22R1 (20ft) containers from 8164 the other day.  Export reefers are not all that common on the main south, and 8164 normally travels into Botany via the west.
A triple of NYKU 755345, TCLU 190660, and Seacube SZLU 360385 - all loaded on a CFCLA CQJY.
Triple Maersk boxes, with reefers at eachg end of this LQAY wagon.  Containers are MAEU 567676, MRIU or MRKU dry box, and Maersk Sealand reefer MWCU 563373.
Another LQAY with reefers on each end.  Cronos CRSU 500968, MRIU dry box, and a Carlisle CRLU 313321.
45R1 photos coming shortly.