26 June 2015

Qube 1311 Service

It seems that earlier in the week the handover of the train to CM/MZ/CM didn't occur and the Qube train ran with the local locos all the way to Port Botany.

Here is the return empty container trip, with 864 leading a Superfreighter!

864/8030/RL309 on 1311 at Yanderra

Coming through Mittagong station.

A TS Line container on the back of the train.


20 June 2015

UPAC Repaint

It is random gems like these, in among the monotonous Toll, Linfox and Rand containers, that keep me heading trackside, hoping for something unique, shiny or new.

This UPAC 00026 container looks to be a repaint complete with advertising.  Certainly stands out being red!  Note the roof looks to be formerly grey or white.


19 June 2015

Late Afternoon

Around the highlands in winter, the sun is getting pretty low by about 4pm, making a lot of locations unsuitable for shots.  Last Saturday 7SP5 and 6BM7 rolled through on what would be a lovely time for summer photography, but not so flash for mid winter shooting.  The results are below.

7SP5 approaching Mittagong station with long tree shadows encroaching the line.  The old station masters house is in the background.

An interesting load of John Deere Gators headed for Perth.

Aurizon was through a little later so I headed to a spot a little further north and waited for a late afternoon shot (at 4.45pm!).  With the sun behind my back, I took a silhouette as the sky started to colour. 

Trying to use the light and voids, this shot of a tanktainer came out pretty well.


13 June 2015

New KENT box

On MB7 this morning was new KENT Removals & Storage container KENU 814062.


11 June 2015


4501 rolled through Mittagong last week with a short passenger service and L229 water tank, bound for Junee.


01 June 2015

Mix Freight - US Style

My favourite thing about US trains are the manifests; the mixed freights that run with anything and everything.  (Double) Stack train are impressive and long, coal and oil block trains are heavy drags, but the manifest is a real mixed bag of goodies both new and old.  

This job was photoed at Lilly in Pennsylvania, and was 114 cars long.  I wasn't to show some of the more interesting freight cars (wagons) on the train and thought I could keep it to about 10 - wrong!  I couldn't even keep my interesting list to under 20 freight cars (and even that was pushing it!).

The mix of cars represent very old to very new, many different roads, many different commodities, and a great source of detail for modelers.  

Manifests were not overly common, and unfortunately I didn't get many in good lighting, but this was a cracker!