30 November 2018

Qube Cement

The Qube cement job has been shuttling half height spoil bins back to Melbourne over the previous week.

Here is one on a CQGY between two loaded cement tank.


29 November 2018

PQQY and PVDU Block

A double block of two PQQY 5-packs haulage a full set of PVDU Unit 48 curtain siders from Wodonga to Brisbane.


28 November 2018

Post 1000 - SSR Power Vans

A bit of an unusual shot from Bendigo a few weeks back.  

Here are the pair of SSR power vans BVDY 51 and BVDY 52.  

51 has just been reactivated for haulage of the HCMT trains and 52 is being utilised on the XTrap transfer to Ballarat.

The vans supply power to the passenger consist to ensure various components and brakes are functional as no overhead power is available when the trains are towed.  


15 November 2018

New SCF Curtain Sider

Scored this brand new SCF 40ft curtain sider the other day.

SCFU 818130-8.


12 November 2018

SCT Bits

A few bits from an SCT job last week.

Inline fuel tank CXTU 116205 has recently been given a bath.

PQIY 0038 with a load of transformers unusually heading south.

New SCT 5-pack PQQY 50026.

Former AUrizon box, now painted in SCT white as SCT NDC 011.


10 November 2018

PS7 Goulburn

A couple of shots of PS7 at Goulburn earlier this month.

NR71 leading another NR on PS7.

Former Linfox box, now DRCX 222.

Now owned by PN, well wagon pair CQWY 5027.