27 July 2014

Lime Vans on PS6

PS6 always provides some interesting container loads and a variety of Sadleirs van.

Quad NRs past Aylmerton with vans upfront.

RLSY 18699 with a missing logo board which wasn't painted behind.  Nice rust streaks.

RLUY 18598.  Not looking too bad, but seems that the centreline of the roof is a little too far to reach for painting!

RLUY 18606 looks the goods with a bright paint and full coverage on the roof.

A good comparison to 606 is RLUY 18640 which has an unpainted roof centreline and graffiti to match.

RLUY 18719 is well faded and has no logo panel.

NQOY 15058 with a pair of Sadleirs containers.

I last saw a Millform container in WA on an SCT train Here it is
This one is MILU 400002-2

RQFY 76 with a nice selection of 20ft boxes including a SCFU Rail Containers bulktainer.

Finishing with a classic AN flat, RQKY 2693 fitted with Aligned bogies.  


25 July 2014


A few shots of WM2 today past Aylmerton

A grubby fronted 9317 with the usual 'marks' ex Melbourne.

A rather unusual Steellink wagon in NQPY 14559.  A lot of NQPYs have been stored as the bogies are swinglink type (XFA type as I recall) which are not being overhauled as they come due. 

A stark contrast between container lids.

VQOF 12 is an early ELX underframe as can be seen by the shallow centre sill.


21 July 2014

PQBY 3002

CIMC owned PQBY 3002 with a new Waterfront container.


14 July 2014

Pipe Load

Nothing like a good flatrack load.  Here is 40 steel pipes tied down onto a 40ft flatrack being carried on RQSY 34312.

Note all the straps for each layer of pipes, as well as the timbers between each row.

Would make a great model.


08 July 2014

Not a Train

Grabbed this shot at Appleton Dock in Melbourne earlier in the week.

The vessel is the Maersk Gairloch from London.  Quite impressive in size and colour!