23 March 2015

It's cold outside.....

G'day everyone,

I just got back from a short trip to Pennsylvania and managed to get a bit of snow.

Here is a SHPX tank car with a few inches on top, leaving Enola Yard in Harrisburg.


09 March 2015

Orica ORA Tanks

Orica have an interesting collection of Sodium Cyanide containers.

Here are two of the less common types:

ORA 478 with external ribbing.

ORA 4617 with a basic frame, but the ends are well reinforced.  This could be a simply tank to model.


07 March 2015

Reefer Containers

G'day,  A few shots of export reefer containers, mainly 22R1 and 45R1 types.

An older style Cronos CRXU 22R1.

A 45R1 CRXU box.

GESeaco GESU 45R1.

A newer Hanjin 45R1.

This Hanjin 45R1 is well worn and a bit shabby.

Note the horizontal ribbing across the bottom of the container on this newer Hapag 22R1.

MCS 22R1.

Maersk 22R1

Hamburg Sud SUDU 22R1

Taken a few days earlier, this TEXU reefer is quite uncommon as it is a 25R1 at 9'6 high.  The two either side are 22R1 8'6 reefers.


01 March 2015


A few random containers from Feb 2015.

A 20ft Corden Rail flatrack.  Note the stencil work for RIAL on the tarp!

Eurotainer EURU 184522

Paint peeling on FCL box FBGU.