30 August 2011

PW4 - 15/08/2011

A few shots of PW4 at Mittagong and Aylmerton on 15/08/2011.

Bundled copper loaded into RCDX 12.  Note the recent addition of the semi permanent cradles at each end.  These look to be wleded into position.

Another RCDX with a copper load. 

Hard to tell apart from an RKLY, yellow sided NQTY 20555 is now on Steelink traffic. 

RKPF 30317 with a large opening mesh deck and exposed centre sill.

 RKPF 30311 with a smaller opening mesh covering the entire deck.

A repainted original RKYY tilt bed. 

RQCX 995 with containers loaded with copper bundles. 

Scrap steel loading - fine shavings. 

Scrap stee loading - large sheets of cut offs from rolled coil  

PW4 coming through Mittagong. 

Something different - PW4 approachng the bridge over Aylmerton Road at the 126km mark. 


29 August 2011

Mixed Wagons - 11/08/2011

A few shots from the Highlands on 11/08/2011

 NHSH 42623 on the Tahmoor Coalie with a missing end guard.

RCSF 14 at MIttagong with checker plate coils. 

RKAF 4, 2, and 1 all together through Maldon on NP3. 

Partially rebuilt RKWY 3002 with a load of pipes. 

RKYY 7091 with a load of out of gauge plate steel. 

RQTY 15 with halk height containers filled with steel balls. 

Shabby looking VOFX at Aylmerton on PW4, fitting with NSW 2CF/CFC type bogies.   

Motley colours VOFX 292 - a favourite of mine.


28 August 2011

XW4 - 10/08/2011

XW4 coming off the straight approaching Bargo.

RQHY 7050 with side door containers loaded with copper.  These containers generally do not get lifted off the wagons, but rather get emptied in situ.  Unusual to get an RQHY on a Steelink service. 

RQFX 52 with a pair of butter boxes. 

Brand new tilt bed RKVY 8005. 

In well worn V/Line, RCSF 89 with a very nice patched databoard. 

RKMX 117 with an XLB bogie up front.


PS6 - 10/08/2011

Some shots of PS6 at Mittagong and Bargo on 10/08/11

NR93 leading PS6 past the wattle. 

One of only two left with the original side 'diamonds', NR80 in the shafts. 

Trifecta of Pedemont containers on NQSY 34962 - one of about 20 NQSY wagons in service. 

RLSY 18676 with a missing logo panel - finders keepers?   

A very fresh van with a missing databoard, so no idea what wagon this actually is.

The second series 1 van that I have seen repainted in new colours - RLUY 18630. 

RQNW 7 showing its Victorian heritage with a Aligned bogie. 

RQNW10 with Aligned bogies also.   These are pretty common in the PN fleet these days.

Skel deck RQTY 570. 

An SCF Rail Containers container with a large advert on the side. 

Water truck as part of the load on the NQOY.


27 August 2011

NP3 - 08/08/2011

A few wagon photos of 2NP3 from 08/08/2011 at Maldon

ARTC owned ADSF concrete sleeper wagon. 

PN owned NQHX sleeper wagon 

NQTY probably just reactivated for PN Intermodal/Steelink. 

Timber decked RKAX railset pair. 

Tilt bed RKYY.


Qube - Goulburn 7/8/11

Still catching up from photos a few weeks old.  Here are a few of South Spur/POTA/Qube wagons in Goulburn Yard.

Leased from CFCLA, CQSY 471 with ore containers. 

Still in Silverton yellow, SQKF 60264.

Loaded with a Transtank, SQLY515. 

Shorty, SQNY 123. 

Recently aquired by South Spur/Qube, SQVF 12436.


22 August 2011

RKFX Repairs

A bit of damage has resulted in a few unqiue RKFX side panels.