26 March 2011

Pipe 'Dreams'

A couple of pipe train photos from Parkes earlier in the month. The cover trucks are now RCBF coil wagons, which have replaced the RCWF rod in coil wagons.




25 March 2011

Bendigo 24/03/2011

A few interesting ones from Bendigo yesterday.

VPCX 17 with a very nice cement spill - great for those HO models!

VPCX 12 still with original VR logos

Ex Dunnolly victim, VHHF 832 has just been finished with a coal of paint.


22 March 2011

Loading Coal

A few shots from a coal loading site, taken with permission. Sorry - can't disclose the location.

The loading chute, dumping in coal as the train progresses at 0.8km/h.

NHHF 40800 just loaded.


16 March 2011

Sleeper Walking

Here are NQHX 22174 and 22123 which tried to escape from Braemar and head to Colo Vale (on the Loop Line to Thirlmere). Shame the bridge doesn't exist any more!


09 March 2011

NTAF 6064

Found this baby sitting out the back of Parkes Depot last week.