30 August 2016

Aurizon AGUY Grain Hoppers

Snapped these a few weeks back in Newcastle.  They are former narrow gauge hoppers converted to standard gauge for operation in NSW.

AGUY 25647

AGUY 25652


28 August 2016

Narrow Gauge Wheels

Some refurbished PNQ narrow gauge wheels heading back from Gemco Perth to Queensland.

Each 20ft container carries 8 wheelsets.  The containers are coded WPNQ.


27 August 2016

A Cover Up!

Toll Cartainer AB023 with Prixcar signage over the Toll logo.  I suspect these panels will quickly work loose and 'peel' off.  


26 August 2016

Let there be light!

Snapped these two Coates Hire "Allight" light tower trailers on PS6 intermodal.


22 August 2016

Well Worn CarTrainers

 A mix of Patrick, Toll and Autotrans cartainer photos from the weekend.  They are looking well worn compared to when they were new in 2004/2005.


21 August 2016

Cargo Sprinter

Ettamogah Rail Hub 'CargoSprinter' at Ettamogah (Albury) with a Regional Connect braned curtain sided container.


20 August 2016

Bore Horizontal - RV Butter Boxes

I found these in Morandoo mid week.  They are repainted RV coil containers from the later CIMC supplied series.

The based are black and the lids are the standard light blue with a black band and the words "BORE HORIZONTAL".  The two bases are RV062 and RV074.   One of the lids was RV057.  

I'm not sure exactly how they are configured or what they are carrying.


19 August 2016

More Fresh Paint - 8202 in PN Stars Livery

Snapped 8202 in Newcastle on Wednesday.  Very handsome!


18 August 2016

Fresh ARTC ADFF Ballast Hoppers

Came across these today in Goulburn.  The 'southern' rake has finally been repainted into ARTC yellow and they are very fresh.  Unfortunately the ploughs are not painted and look pretty sad.

The consist with NDPF 2000 and 2001 and 22 hoppers ADFF 2975U,  2260K, 2219F, 2261T, 2241D, 2232U,  2265J, 2256K, 2213U, 2215P, 2251L, 2225A, 2244H, 2258F, 2247L, 2223F, 2230J, 2979K, 2229N, 2987A, 2220B, 2269W.


15 August 2016

Speno RR24M-T2A

An unusual visitor through Mittagong on Saturday morning.

Speno RR24M-T2A rail grinder heading south.  This 24 stone grinder is 167 tonnes and 72 metres in length.  More details from ARTC can be found at the TOC Waiver.


12 August 2016

PQAW and ERHU Containers

A couple of Ettamogah Rail Hub wagons and containers on MW2a few weeks back.

PQAW 16 with three ERHU tarp top containers.

PQAW 21.


07 August 2016

Going Camping?

Three Black Series Camper Trailers loaded on a flat rack headed for Melbourne this afternoon on Aurizon's 1SM7 service.  


06 August 2016

SSR Bulldogs

S317 and GM27 is the SSR 'Bulldog' livery sit at Eskbank awaiting their next task.