31 December 2018

More SCT Curtain Sider

I managed to score SCTCS 001 on its return from Brissy to Melbourne.


30 December 2018


What was a former brown FCL/Linfox 48ft dry box, is now DRCX 199.

This is the first DRCX box I have seen with the flat panel in the end section.


29 December 2018

Booth - PVDU ex Unit48

Got this pair of PVDU former Unit48 containers, with all Unit48 markings removed and Booth markings on the far end.


28 December 2018

New SCT Curtain Sider

This travelled up to Brissy yesterday on SCT's MB9 service.

It appears to be a fully refurbuished curtain sided container.  Now marked as SCTCS 001 with advertising across the top.

Looks brilliant!


Ex Hanjin

You still get a few ex Hanjin light blue containers kicking around.  This one has had the brand painted out but still carries the HJMU code.  

This 45G1 container is loaded with logs bound for export.


27 December 2018

Battered Maersk Boxes

Maersk Sealand hasn't been a container branding for a number of years now, so most of these boxes would be around 10 years old.  Both are MSKU coded and are 45G1 type.  The second one has a decent patch repair job.  


26 December 2018

CMA CGM 20ft General Boxes

An interesting range of 20ft 22G1 boxes on the Kelso train last weej.  They all sort of look the same, but a few variations amongst them.

In the old letter font, SEGU 228162-6 is a leased box from Seaco.

CMAU 097079-2 is a CMA owned container in the new logo font.

TLLU 207805-1 is a leased container from TAL.  Commonly leased containers don't carry any additional advertising on the side like the one above and below.

TRHU 112564-0 is a leased Textainer, and interestingly carries the eco container bamboo flooring advertisment on the side.

Four containers which all look very similar, but owned by four different companies. 


25 December 2018

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone following my rollingstock Blog.  

Below is one of my all time favourite containers; a little half height 28T9 set of tanks WCGU 000341-6.  Its very unique and always interesting to spot, having only ever seen three of these 20ft half height tank arrangements.


24 December 2018

Gas ISO Tank

A few gas ISO tanks heading into Sydney the other week.  Here is a selection.

AFLU 100291-2 is a 22K7 tank and carried Argon.

A Cryeng tank CRY 000335-7 which is a 22T9 tank and carrying Carbon Dioxide.  The container should be CRYU, but it lacks the 'U'.

Just got a shot before it disappeared under the bridge of CRYU 000341 which is also a 22T9 tank, and carrying Argon.

An Air Liquide tank with the simple code of IS 16-8, carrying Carbon Dioxide.

A SmartGAS tank SMAU 888037-1 which is a 22K7 also carrying Carbon Dioxide.


23 December 2018

Northline Curtain Siders

Appears that Northline are using both SCF and Royal Wolf leased containers.  A couple of different curtain siders turned up on a Perth to Sydney job last week.

Royal Wolf 40ft curtain sider RWTU 903156-4.

SCF 48ft curtain sider SCFU 815163-8


22 December 2018

MSC 45R1 Reefer Container

A new looking 45R1 reefer MSC MEDU container on Qubes 1311 service to the Riverina.

Very black and white.


21 December 2018


A couple of QBX portraits.  006 has an interesting cleaning pattern up to the roof line!

20 December 2018


Had a very productive couple of hours at Sodwalls on Monday with three trains passing in beautiful lights.

Sydney bound XPT flicks up a bit of dust from recently laid ballast.

The XPT around the big curve and running towards Rydal.

Kelso bound SSR service 1877 with a colourful loco combo.

Hearing towards Tarana, more ballast dusk flicking up in the late evening light.

Sydney bound PN log train with a classic double 81 combo and about 17 x 80ft skels.  


11 December 2018

New Eurotainer

A new Eurotainer with the new logo.

EURU 122029-4 is a 22K2 T13 tank.


10 December 2018

Another Lindsay Transport Reefer

Grabbed this one last week on an MS service.  LTCD 4015 01 is a 2015 built 40ft+ reefer.  


03 December 2018

Lindsay Transport New Reefers

Snapped a cool 5-pack load of new LTCD Lindsay Transport 46'6 reefers.

They are numbered 4618 nn, where 46 is the length, 18 is the year built, and nn is the serial number of the unit.  So far the highest one sighted is 33.