29 July 2020

G:Link Trams Page

After a trip to the Gold Coast, I have set up a G;Link Gold Coast 2020 Trams page.  You can click on the link to the right on the Blog, or click this link.

Here is just a sample of the many shots taken of the fleet of 18 Flexity 2 trams.  There is a fleet list and more photos on the 'page'.

24 July 2020

RCAY 505

About time I got a decent shot of an RCAY cont-stretch wagon.  These are former VQCY wagons modified with 70T bogies, and extra structure and cones.  

Due to the jumbo coil not running during July, these wagons have been turning up on the rear of MS2 some mornings.


18 July 2020

AN3 Leading on the South

Something a little unusual on the south during July.  AN3 leading MS2.  

NR14 behind carried the Real Trains slogan.


11 July 2020

Another Ghost

CLF3 has now entered service with SSR, painted in all white.  Named Space Ghost, it joins CLP12 Casper in traffic.

CLP12 is due to get an ICE radio shortly so it can lead.  CLF1 is being painted into SSR livery at Seymour and L277 has just been delivered to SSR at Cootamundra for reactivation.

Long live the EMDs!


10 July 2020

First LDPs on the Tahmoor Coalie

LDP003 led TM81/82 yesterday with sister unit LDP002 on the rear.  Not the cleanest units but certainly something different.  In recent years we have seen 93 class and TT class used, but this was a first.  I got some shots at Mittagong on both the up and down directions.