30 January 2015

7SP5 and 6BM7 (Part 1)

Saturday had the sun, and two trains one after the other.  Here are some shots

7SP5 with double NRs.  Note NR81 with the missing long hood text.

Double LDPs with BM7.  These are the other 'vanilla' flavoured locos.

I love the logo on these Breeze containers.  BRZC01 (965007).

A former Cronos box, now marked as BSPD 084032.  The BS is usually Brambles Shipping, but the SPD could be as in Toll SPD.  Either way, both are Asciano businesses.

CPIU 738529 with a Education logo.

A good old fashion tarped flat rack.

G&S Engineering boards on a shipping box.

An overlength K&S flatrack load.

Omega Chemicals OMCU 000002

Another K&S flatrack, but this is loaded with large pipes.


25 January 2015

More Intermodals

A couple of shots of BM4 from last week.

Triple NRs through Aylmerton.

On the rear was empty RRWY 6002.  A former AN well wagon (that was part of a 5-pack).

Eurotainer SECS 893103.

Store Co container STCU 000002.


17 January 2015

The Yellow Indian

Just a quick post tonight of a shot from 'location X' showing NR18 in action today.


12 January 2015

Moss Vale Freighters

A couple of PN freighters approaching Moss Vale last week.

Double NRs on a late MB4 service.

Kefford Removals KF938

5-pack RRAY 7180 with the leadings container a former FCL reefer, now marked as BHSR for Brambles Shipping (Toll).

An SCFU Tank Container 251102.

A different SCFU Tank Container 875981.  Both are 22T6 type tanks.

A Tank Containers Australia TCAU tank 800236.

PS7 was on time with double NRs also.

A bird's eye view of a container on PS7.  This is a PN container PNXD 4198.

The down XPT heading away, with power car 2010 on the rear.


10 January 2015

Aurizon AEED Containers

A few different Aurizon marked AEED containers are starting to turn up.

The AEED stands for 
  1. A = Aurizon
  2. E = 48ft
  3. ED = End Doors

AEED containers started in operation around January 2013, with them being in the white and orange SCF Rail Containers markings.  Below are some recent sightings of AEED containers.

A standard AEED container.  This one is 912546.  It would seem these are numbered 912300-912600.

This one is a little unusual.  It was SCFU 411074, but has been remarked as an AEED.  Shame they used white letters on a white container.

A former FCL container, it is now AEED 480144.  I suspect this container went from FCL to SCF and now to Aurizon.  

Here is an original shot of an FQDU FCL container in better days (2007).  

These only just started turning up.  They too are former SCFU containers that were mainly used over in the west and central Australia.  The painted out markings are NQX logos, and being marked as SCFU boxes, they would have been leased to NQX.  

This one is now AEED 407015.  There seem to be around 50 or so of this type of AEED.

Here is an original SCFU NQX container from back in 2007.  This would now be an AEED.

Finally, a Royal Wolf marked as AEED.  This one is 922057.  RWTU is the normal code and are still pretty common on Aurizon services.   Strangely, they put black letters on a dark blue container!


08 January 2015

Empty Grain

An empty mill grain from Maldon passed by this afternoon.  Running as 2333 with locos 8109 and 8129 on the lead.

Beautiful lighting late this afternoon.

NGPF 35914

NGPF 35929.

Both wagons were fitting with horizontal markings.  I believe these were used for loading trials, where sensors/lasers read the horizontal line height to determine the weight of the wagon.


07 January 2015

Aurizon Again

A nicely timed BM7 past my place provided some interest containers.

LDP005 leading another LDP.

Australian Container Removals box ACRU 200007.

CQGY 523 with a colourful mix.

A red CQMY with double Ceva boxes.

QQY 22006 with a QRN seacell.

A QQAY with a Royal Wolf RWPU 203774.

An interesting Royal Wolf contraption with a roller end door and what looks to be fold down side doors - maybe a mobile office or canteen?  RWKU 850213.

A white box with no prefix, but an interesting end door arrangement.


06 January 2015

Aurizon Weekend

Aurizons MB7 and BM7 ran to a nice timetable on Saturday, with very photographic opportunities around the Southern Highlands.

MB7 heading north through Aylmerton around 0830.

BM7 heading south through Bargo around 1615.

BM7 again, a few minutes later passing through Aylmerton.

On the train were two Aurizon reefers, each facing a different direction (thank you!).  Above is AFRF 413026 while below is AFRF 413051.


05 January 2015

Some Different Boxes

A few different boxes on MB4 on New Years Day.

A new FAMU (Frak Asset Management) 20ft box.

A former Cronos box, now marked as TTNT for Toll TNT.

Another former Cronos box now marked as an FUKU lease container.