31 July 2019

LDP on BM4

Nice to get some variety on BM4 these days, and on the weekend it was white elephant LDP004.

NR/LDP/NR coming through Mittagong.

LDP004 in white undercoat.  

PN owned CQWY 5030 well wagon pair.

Classic RMX RRKY 3041 with a single Exsif ISO tank.


28 July 2019


Despite being bumped from the stone trains by TT class locos, NR54 continues to carry the RUOK logos from a few years ago.


16 July 2019

FCL Bulker

A bit of an iconic container, for more than 20 years these bright orange FCL bulk containers have been gracing the rails.  

Now owned by Linfox, there are still plenty of them around.  This one is an FCBU code.  


15 July 2019

SCFU 21ft+ Reefer

Pretty unusual to see these, so was happy to grab a couple of shots of this 21ft+ reefer, SCFU 812327-7.  Based on the code, this would have been built in 2012 and may be new.  I am aware that SCFU have some second hand 21+ reefers also.  These are overlength to efficiently carry 10 pallets.  


14 July 2019

Toll TFAS Repaint

Delivered as TCML 48467 around 15 years ago, many of these 48ft Toll boxes were recoded TFAS a few years back (including this one).  This is the first repaint I have seen, and looks a few month old.


13 July 2019

Pacific National Training Module

Grabbed this interesting side door container on a south bound steel train earlier this month.  I believe it has various training items inside for terminal operators and train drivers.  

The blue is well faded and rather milky.  I think normally lives in Dynon when not in use.


02 July 2019

RQCY 957

As some of you have noted, my blog is becoming more heavily dominated by containers.  This is primarily due to the lack of variation and new builds getting around.  Anyway, I found this gem on BM4 today at Mittagong.

RQCY 957 still fitting with the lashing rail along the side, but the great find is the mixed bogies.  Closest end looks to be a VXSC Victorian bogie with axle box wheelsets, where as the far end looks to be 2CF/XFA curved frame NSW bogie with package unit wheelsets.  A good modelling opportunity.