30 May 2019

East Coast Cement

A couple of good looking East Coast Cement ISO tanks on hire from SCF, sighting in Morandoo Yard yesterday.  These were on an NQHX wagon at the front of the RASP concentrate rake. 

SCFU 887055-0

SCFU 887053-9


26 May 2019

New Hyundai HMM Logo Revealed

Only 15 days from my post about Hyundai (HMM) HMMU series containers and the various liveries, HMM revealed a new livery on 20/5/2019.  The old HMM (triple wave) livery was revealed in September 2017, making it less than 2 years before being replaced.  

Ironically on the same day the new logo was announced, I photoed a Korean Ocean Business Corp (KOBC) container with a different  HMM logo to what I was used to.  It appears that there have been some newly branded containers ready for roll-out, and this is one of them.   

Container KOCU 426128-8 is a 45G1 marked for Hyundai HMM.

Following on from my HMMU post in early May, I snapped this very early HMMU container, 600828-8.  It shows that the first HMMU boxes carried the HMM logo in the top corner plus the green and yellow triangle, but with standard lettering (note that the A is not stylised).  By the 602000 series, the containers only carried the work HYUNDAI.


25 May 2019

Northline Curtain Siders

Northline have got some new leased 40ft curtain siders from both Royal Wolf and SCF container.  It appears that the containers are from the same manufacturer.  

Royal Wolf's RWTU 903164-6.  

SCF's SCFU 819035-7


17 May 2019

Evergreen 45G1 Containers

Evergreen containers are starting to become a little more prominent lately, and some brand new 45G1 boxes have been noticed.  Unlike some shipping lines, Evergreen have a lot of different container codes.

Virtually brand new, EGHU 920738-9

With a few patches and scars, EGSU 906316-1

Another new looking box, EITU 901860-0

The same as above.

Showing its age, EMCU 944962-2

HMCU 915250-8.  I'm not sure about the H prefix meaning.

Same vintage, HCMU 918887-4


16 May 2019

K&S Flatrack Loads

Another couple of interesting loads from April.

A random mix of stuff heading south from Brisbane.  A small Hyster fork and some pallet racking are partially tarped.  Looks like a crime scene arrangement!

A load of Wesbeam timber from WA to the easy coast.  Not unusual, except for the new red tarp.


10 May 2019

NR1 - Not the pride of the fleet

Certainly not a respectable class leader!

09 May 2019

New Lindsay Transport Reefers

New 2019 Lindsay Transport 46'6 reefers.

This one is the first in the order, being LTCD 4619-01.

You can pick the 4619 series from the 4618 series by the grill colour on the Thermo King reefer unit.  4619 is silver and 4618 is black (which is the reefer following).


08 May 2019

Lloyd Triestino

Pretty rare to see a Lloyd Triestino container these days.  This Evergreen company renamed to Italia Marittima back in 2006.  This 45G1 is marked as LTIU.

Below is the a container showing the new branding from 2006 onwards.  Still pretty uncommon to see these in Australia.


07 May 2019

Concrete Flatrack Loads

A few different concrete loads on K&S FT flatracks from Perth to Brisbane.


06 May 2019

ONE 22R1 Reefer

Ocean Network Express reefers are common heading down to the Riverina for meat loading, but most are still branded for the old ONE partners (K Line, NYK and MOL) plus leased containers.  

Occasionally you will get a new ONE 22R1 reefer.  This one is SZLU 203278-2 which is a leased container marked for ONE.


05 May 2019

HMMU Series - Hyundai Container

Back in late 2018, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) made a come back to Australian ports and is currently the 9th largest shipping line in the world.

Many years ago, people would be familiar with the Hyundai containers with the green and yellow triangle and the sylised 'A' in the logo.  These days, it is a more simple HMM and a little triple line wave on a reddy-orange container.

With the reinvention of Hyundai to HMM, came a new container code of HMMU for 45G1 containers, where previous Hyundai containers were commonly HDMU.

Below are a series of photos showing the changing in the HMMU container markings, which started production at 600000.

An original Hyundai 45G1, marked as a HDMU.  This container carries the older logo.

HMMU 602578-9 is an early build with the simple HYUNDAI text.  The text is not even in the classic Hyundai font.

Not long after the HMMU container were marked with a blue HMM logo.  This is HMMU 607852-0.

The blue logo didn't last long with it being replaced with a white logo.  The container colopur had gone to more of an orange tone.  This one is HMMU 625720-7.  The earliest I have seen in this livery is HMMU 612652-6.

The same as the one above, this orange tone HMMU is 621034-4.

Not long before another change.  The white logo remains but the container has gone very red.  This one is HMMU 630255-9.  It is likely that the red is darker as these appear to be leased containers from CAI, yet unusually they are coded for HMM.

Another red one, this one being 631487-9.  You can just see the CAI logo on the end door, explaining why these might be a darker red (being CAI red).