30 April 2011

Photos From a New Camera

My Pentax K10 suffer a failure after 41,000 photos, and with the need to go to Newcastle on Monday, I didn't want to chance not having it fixed in time.  So, the other day I purchased a new Pnetax KR.

Still learning the tricks, but thankfully it is quite similar to the K10.  Shame I can't get the sun to come out so I can give a really good run. 

Here are 5 photos of interest taken on Friday 29th April 2011.

MB4 crossing a down Endeavour at Aylmerton.

A very late running MB7 departs Moss Vale after a crew change.

A very unique NPSH 35244 cut down hopper at Berrima Junction (was formerly on the Dunmore Stone Train).

In near oginal condition, RRKY 2688 is near the rear of PN's MB4 service.  The wagon is still in a very clean Commonwealth Railways red, with clear CR markings, and is fitted with Aligned bogies.  A rare find for 2011, and a great wagon to model.  

A detail shot of RRKY 2688 showing the CR logo and Aligned bogies.


20 April 2011

AGWF Grain Hoppers


45 former Westrail XW class grain hoppers have migrated to NSW for grain operations with ARG/QRN. 

The wagons are now coded AGWF and have retained their original numbers.  The oldest wagon dates back to 1972, where as the newest wagon (former XWB) dates from 1984.

Most are fitted with blue painted couplers, which are purchased from Fletchers in SA.  The blue paint is simply a marketing colour from Fletchers and not safety or operationally related.  CFCLA have fitted a lot of these couplers to intermodal rollingstock. 

The wagons are fitted with a WF Triple Valve, and a Combined Unit reservoir.  They are also fitted with a Relay Valve, making them a Relay Braked wagons.

They are fitted with a Main Reservoir but this is only for the operation of the roof lid. The Main Reservoir does not charge the Combined Reservior and as such are not 'Two Piped' wagons, and operations are restricted on the Illawarra Mountain.

The bogies are 50t with a centre pull arrangement. 


13 April 2011

RKDY Steel Wagon

I've been surfing other Blogspots recently and came across Barcoola.  http://barcoola.blogspot.com/

Barcoola has always been a favourite HO scale layout of mine - capturing the inovation of the AN railways.

A few blogs refer to the PN steel wagons that run to Darwin on the Freightlink service.  They are referred to as RKWF wagons, however, only 3 are allowed to run to Darwin.  As such, these three are coded RKDY and not the standard RKWF/RKWY.

The reason for the different code (and restriction on other wagons running to Darwin) all has to do with the wheel profile.  The standard profile that PN run across Australia (WPR2000) is not allowed on Freightlink track, and as such these 3 RKDY wagons are (or at least were) the only three PN wagons running around with the ANZR wheel profile, and were limited to Whyalla/Adelaide to Darwin only.  

These wagons also have some pretty unique stencils on the sides.

To the Barcoola boys - if you ever need any reference or details photos posted, just ask.


11 April 2011

Cowans Boyd Crane

Attached are a few photos from late in 2010 of the Cowans Boyd Crane stored at Chullora after 'falling over' at Sefton a few years back.

The jib truck is made on the frame of 48131.


04 April 2011

A Mixed Bag

Here is a photo I took of a generic world trains type book.  The photo is credited to the ROA.  The caption doesn't give away any details but looking at the loco combo it would be southern NSW maybe in the 1970s/80s.

The consist is the real interesting aspect.
422/44 loco combo
1 x GJF VR (steel)
3 x GJF VR (steel)
2 x GJF VR (aluminium)
3 x BWH NSW (black hopper) - Not in picture shown.

Would make a great model!

VLine Freight Tank

G'day All,

I came across this shot at SSR Bendigo Workshops a few weeks back and thought it was quite interesting, so I took a photo of the photo. 

The tank is freshly painted in Vline Freight orange and grey livery with (VR Tank on hire to Caltex) stencilled on it. 

Does anyone have any ideas about what number this tank may be, and if others were painted in this livery also?


03 April 2011

Ore Train

The Goonumbla Ore train was parked in Goulburn this afternoon.

SOAX 33183 with some WA 'mates' in the back ground which had just arrived today.

SQGF 401

SQNY 143