29 April 2012

I'm a Numbers Man

My Blog has reach a few milestones today.

100,000 page views and this is the 400th post.  

Below is a nice little derailment photo from last year. 


ANZAC Day Part 4

The final train for ANZAC day was NY3.

 NR49 leading another triple NR combo. 

Former RKEX, now RKEF 23. 

A favourite of mine, RKEX 2, with modified side walls.  Note a few repairs stancions.

Standard RKEX 29. 

Staple diet of most steel services are the billet 3-packs.  Here is RKKY 7345. 

Rail pair RKLF 177. 

Now set for high speed, RKMY 72 is loaded with butter boxes. 

RKNX 1125 has the same origins as the RKMY, but isn't high speed and hasn't had the extension body modificatios to reduce the tare weight. 

WIth a very leigible AN logo, RKWY 2515 is returning empty to Whyalla. 

Shamed by a cloud, but never the less this wagon is worthy of being shown - RQNW 11 is fitted with Aligned bogies.  This wagon was former AQDW 11.  Many AQDW wagons were fitted with 70t ride control bogies.


27 April 2012

ANZAC DAY Part 3 - More PS6

The second and last lot of PS6.

A well faded RLUY 18719.  This would be a good modelling project - spraying a Sadleirs van with a thinned white or light grey until it is alomost toally sunbleached!

Another faded van, RLSY 18727, with a missing logo panel.  Shame it wasn't painted underneath!

A favourite class of wagon is the RMX.  Here is RRKY 4312 with a timber load and a liquid nitrogen container. 

An SCFU container as a mobile billboard.  I got one of these last year as well. 

A 'half height' toll container.  These are commonly double stacked west of Adelaide. 

A repainted Toll container. 

Marked for Toll SPD (TSPD) is a Cronos leasing container. 

Another marked Toll SPD (TSPD) is this Rail Containers SCFU container.


26 April 2012

ANZAC Day Part 2 - PS6

Here are some photos of PS6.  I have split this Blog into two due to the number of photos.

Another triple NR combo past Aylmerton.

 A load of cable drums on a flat rack.

A nice blue Chess moving container CHEU.

 A Helium (2T - 1046) contianer marked as WCGU.

Now ISHU 940047, this was aq former Royal Wolf container. 

Wagon RQDY 60063.  There are not many RQDY wagons in traffic compared to other jumbo wagons fitted with 2 piece bogies.  The RQDY fleet is fitted with 70t bogies.  This wagon was formerly VQDW 43. 

Tank Containers Australia tank used for printing ink - nice mess on the side!  

A standard Royal Wolf box in orange.


25 April 2012

Sunny ANZAC Day

XW4 was the first of three trains I managed to photo at Aylmerton today.  The wind was rather forceful, and thankfully kept blowing the clouds over quickly. 

Now we are in April, the lighting remains quite nice all day - and it is nice the see the sun once in a while!

Triple NRs on XW4.

RCKF 31 with jumbo coil.,  Of interest was the dozen or so loaded jumbo coil wagons at the front of the train - obviously ex Melbourne (manufactured in Port Kembla), but not too sure where they are headed for? 

V/Line survivor RCSF 46 with a slightly updated livery.

Another V/Line survivor, RCSF 89 with the databoard positioned over the old logo. 

Recendly recoded RKMY (formerly RKMX) 60 has two recently refurbished butter boxes.  The RKMY class is capable of higher speeds than the RKMX due to the installtion of constant contact side bearers (and adequate testing).  Another thing that struck me with this photo was the painted tops of the butter boxes - I have seen this before but it never tweaked with me until now.  I suspect that the top colour is the year they have been refurbished - and the colour system aligns with the wheelset bearing colour.  

Last of all, VQCY 829.  I'm not too sure how long this wagon has been on SteelLink services as it was formerly allocated to the Bulk Division.


24 April 2012

Big Freeze!

The weather is starting to cool down and the other day I captured this rarity.  It is an Intermodal Solutions trial container.  It is refrigerated and apparently has a lower tare weight that other competitor's containers.

This BIG FREEZE is 46'6'' long and carries the markings BFPU 466001.


19 April 2012

NY3 - 30/03/2012

A few wagons off NY3 a few weeks back.  I was only just sunny past Aylmerton!

RCKF 32 with a load of Jumbo Coils.  The bogies are different at each end - a Ride Control on the left and a Barber on the right.

I believe most of the RCWFs have now been given the chop, but a few RCOFs remain in service.  These are former BDY/NODY chassis.  RCOF 20579 is photoed here, and is fitted with XG type bogies.  The fleet of RCOF wagons are fitted with various X type bogies.   

RCQF20842 is another NODY conversion, with a fresh yellow side sill.  A few years ago, PN stopped repainting bogies during overhaul, so as a result, there are still quite a few yellow AN bogies running around.   

RKFX 34 with a variation on the yellow side sill.

RKFX 42 with the full yellow side sill.

RZXY 2255 with old wheels for reconditioning at either EDI Port Augusta or Gemco Perth.


11 April 2012

PS6 - 24/3/12

Some various containers from PS6 a few weeks back.

Action Industrial Buildings.

 A painted out SeaAxis seacell 40ft container.

Some new Cronos half height ore containers on a 5-pack skel. 

A few more on a 60ft flat. 

A favourite of mine - FCL Parkes to Perth Double Stack! 

Various tanktainers. 

A Rail Containers container marked for Northline. 

A repaired Toll curtain sided container


02 April 2012

Triple MZs - Mittagong 29/3/12

Triple Danish MZs came through Mittagong last week on the regular 8168 container service to Botany.