30 May 2018

Ex Hanjin Boxes

Sighted a few ex Hanjin shipping containers today.  Some are easier to pick than others. 

Ex 45G1 boxes with painted out name and logo.  These are now coded AXIU for Axis/Textainer leasing.

Another AXIU paint out, but with a nicer shade of blue.

This one is only distinguished as a ex Hanjin box since it still carried the HJCU code on the side.


29 May 2018

LDP005 Progress Rail

I thought it would be a good idea to get some coverage of the first trip in NSW of LDP 005 in the Progress Rail livery.

Here it is this morning coming through Tahmoor.


25 May 2018

Linfox DRC Container

Former Boxcar 48ft container, DRC 329 is now painted white for Linfox.  There aren't too many of these left in service, and date back to the 1990s.


16 May 2018

Sofrana 22G1 Container (SOFU)

I haven't seen a Sofrana box before and this one was on PS6 last week.

The container is an export 22G1 type and carried the code SOFU.  I Sofrana is part of ANL which is owned by CMA CGM.


12 May 2018

Lucky Cross

A total fluke the other day with this track speed running cross of 8183 on service 2126 crossing QBX 001 on service 1311 at Bargo.  

Right place at  the right time.  


07 May 2018

Qube's SM7

Another SM7 service led by a single QBX and less than half loaded.

Here is it at Mittagong this afternoon.


06 May 2018

Blue Zephyr

The Blue Zephyr passed through Bowsral this afternoon with 42013 and 4204 powering the excursion consist.  


05 May 2018

S306 on the move

S306 moved from Parkes to Sydney earlier int he week, and was enroute to Melbourne in order to donate some parts to other PN loco.

It trailed a pair of NRs on PS6 ex Parkes.

S306 was last seen at Streamliners 2017


04 May 2018


With the TTs back on the stone trains, there is a bit more variety from the usual NRs and 81s.  Unfortunately some of the TTs are rather grubby with coal and limestone dust.

Below is TT113 leading 2196 in a rather clean/filthy condition.


03 May 2018

Gemco PQGYs on PN Intermodal

Gemco leased PQGY wagons have been running on PN jumbo coil services for some time now (at least since early 2016), but recently some have been seen hauling intermodal traffic.  Below are some photos from the last 4 weeks, plus one in jumbo coil traffic.


02 May 2018

Viridian Glass Container

Snapped this CICU coded 22U1 open top container yesterday on a MB4 service.  

It is marked for Viridian Glass and in a very attractive lime green livery.