30 September 2012

NY3 21/09/12

A few photos of NY3 on 21/9/12 at Aylmerton.
RKEF 5 with the ELX ends.
RKEF 30 with the ESX ends.
RKTF 2142 with a load of power poles.
Staple for NY3 trains is a load of RKKY 3-pack billet wagons.  This one is 7350.
ROCY 34776 with a load of DCA bogies. 
RZCY 34760 with another load of DCA bogies.
ROOX 2900? in a well worn AN livery.  Old code boards and logo boards are noticable as is the unpainted inner walls.  A few modern features like strap cut outs and fork tine lifts are now present.   
Common on NY3 servies is overflow containers for Perth.  Here are a nice pair of 20s.

28 September 2012

PS6 21/9/12

PS6 at Aylmerton on 21/9/12 had a quad NR combo with the two lead units being in the Indian Pacific livery.
Nalco tanktainer.
A new design of tanktainer.  This on was carrying Argon.
The same design but this was carrying Oxygen.
RLSY 18629 in PN blue with red roof and ends.
RLSY 18630 in Sadleirs livery 
One of only two coded RQJW wagons from the first build.  Here is 22002. 
An RQKY with 3 tanktainers.  These wagons are loaded with 8'6" containers due to the high deck height.
An RQSY with a Norwest box and a green 40ft box with the Intermodal Solutions kookaburra.

20 September 2012

Shipping Containers on 8168

A few 20ft shipping containers from 8168 last weekend. 

18 September 2012

XRNs in Lithgow

A first for Lithgow - XRNs in the formed of 003, 008 and 009.  These three had brought out a train of 84 PHYH hoppers for storage at the no longer unsed mine loop at Baal Bone.  The light engines were waiting a path to return back to the Hunter. Brothers parked in the yard included CEY 001, 004 and 006.

17 September 2012

Modified Steelink Wagons

A few photos of various wagons on 3PW4 on 15/9/12 at Bundanoon.  Steellink have been busy modifying wagons and here are a few.  I'll post some other over the coming days.
Triple NRs - A staple diet these days on PW4/XW4 steel trains.  Seems the ANs and DLs have come to an end (for now...)
NQFF 21629, recently repainted at Port Kembla and fitted with a middle jumco coil container.
RCBF 20275 fitted with a 20ft double coil cradle flatrack.  Based on the size I suspect this would be for small coils similar to those loaded on RCSF wagons.
Old favourite VOFX 426 still in FA green.

15 September 2012

Bundanoon 15/9/12

Quite a busy and variety filled day at Bundanoon today.  Photos of 3PW4 will be posted separately.
El Zorro grain train 9391 with a VL/EL/G combo on a rake of WGSY wagons
One of the very few unvandalised hoppers on the train was WGSY 2069.  85 of these hoppers were manufactured in China - 84 for AWB and one spare/demonstrator.
A nice lash up of quad 81s on a grain service.
IRA/Qube 8168 container service with double MZs.
A loaded grain jon with an 81/48/C combo and a full rake of NGKF/NGPF hoppers.
Survivor 4887.  I remember seeing this loco around the Metrop when it was first painted Freightrail blue.
An NGPF with a decent dent in the side.   Ouch!

09 September 2012

Clinker 3/9/12

A couple of shots of the Berrima to Maldon clinker job a week ago.
Also a couple of photos of the A and B end of the NPEF wagons.

08 September 2012

NP3 - 3/9/12

Some shots of NP3 from Monday this week.  Through Aylmerton as per usual.
NR70 in original NRC livery.  Only about 20 left these days.
RCKF 78, with three smaller coils. 
Rod in coil RCOF 20932. 
Old school railset RKAX 2 
Steel power poles in RKTF 2142.  Note the middle doors (being an addition to the normal AOOX) and the 70T bogies. 
RQRY 1116 with RIC 039 container, loaded with rod in coil

07 September 2012

Name this bogie...

Built as a 2CL in 1975, what would be the modern (i.e. Freighrail/FreightCorp) code for this bogie??
It is a National bogie with sideframe mounted friction wedges.
Please comment with your thoughts.

04 September 2012


While I normally don't take much interest in shipping containers, this one stood out on MB4 today.  Sinotrans - Success in Service.  SNBU 811311 (45G1).

03 September 2012

Qube 2112 Viterra Grain Train

A nice morning run of Qube/Viterra grain train 2112 with double 1100 class on the front. 
Of interest is 1107 which wears the grey livery with yellow name on the hood. 
The train was destined for Viterra Minto.