01 April 2024

CAI and Beacon Merger

Despite being relatively old new, on 1st January 2023, Mitsubishi HC Capital announced that it was merging CAI International and Beacon Intermodal, both major shipping container leasing companies.  The end result is that Beacon will disappear and CAI will become the third largest container leasing company in the world (behind Triton and Textainer and moving ahead of Florens and Seaco). with more than 3.5m TEU in their fleet.

Only recently have I started noticing the new CAI logo which is clearly the Beacon logo but with CAI lettering.  Today I shot a couple of pre-merger containers and a new logo also.

This new logo container is Beacon brown but with CAAU lettering.  It isn't confirmed if the colour scheme will remain red or brown, as this may have been a container that was on order at the time of the merger so could be a hybrid.  Note the logo is very Beacon-ish but with CAI lettering.

An older BEAU 45G1 container with the recent Beacon logo.  It is worth noting that Beacon had similar containers but in a royal blue (CMA CGM blue), and also had plenty of BEAU containers marked for customers including CMA CGM (in both blue and brown livery), and ONE (pink livery).

A pretty recent CAAU 45G1 CAI red container.  Time will tell if CAI keep the red livery or of everything but the name will mimic the Beacon brand.   Pre CAAU code, CAIU was standard, with some being marked for TS Lines (Red with CAI logo and TS Lines logo) and marked for CMA CGM (blue).


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