31 March 2019

Fesco 45G1

You don't get many Fesco containers these days, so this was a nice score a few weeks back on the VISY train.  It is a common 45G1 type.


26 March 2019

Interesting Flatrack Load

Snapped this small excavator on a K&S KT flatrack today, heading from Brissy to Melbourne on BM4.

Would make an interesting load to model.


22 March 2019

Flatrack Pipe Loads

A couple of cool loads on PS6 the other week on repainted Caru (CSL) SLZU flatracks.

SLZU 800024 with a mix of white and orange pipe.

SLZU 800012 with all white pipe.


18 March 2019

Royal Wolf Shipping Containers

A couple of Royal Wolf shipping containers turned up on PS6 the other day.  These are standard '45' type shipping containers, which is unusual since most Royal Wolf container are domestic types.

45G1 RWWL 456409-2.

Former CRLU 45R1 reefer is now RWLU 726620-4


16 March 2019

Toll Reefer TTR 707

An uncommon sight outside of Tassie and Melbourne is Toll Tasmania reefer TTR 707.  

This is the first one I have seen north of Melbourne since May 2017 which was TTR 701.

They look pretty similar to the TSHR reefers with the exception of the yellow guard on the fuel tank.


11 March 2019

Shot brand new TSHR 1801 on MB4 this morning.  Looks the same as the rest of the TSHR reefers, and it appears that the prefix 18 is the year ordered/built.


10 March 2019

Ocean Network Express (ONE)

Ocean Network Express (ONE) was formed by the amalgamation of three existing shipping lines.  Those three being K Line, MOL and NYK.  The result is ONE, with bright pink containers, although they do have some grey ones also.  

All these containers were on the same train.  Shame the sun wasn't out.  

K Line KKFU 45G1 container

MOL MOTU 45G1 container.  

NYK Logistics NYKU 45G1

This ONE container is marked as TLLU, meaning that is owned by TAL and leased to ONE.  

Another TLLU leased container painted in the ONE pink scheme.

My first sighting on a grey ONE container.  This one is ONEU 004766-3.  


06 March 2019

New Cosco 22R1 Reefer

Snapped this on Qube's late running 3112 service this morning.

It is a Cosco Shipping 22R1 reefer OERU 200160-1 with Captain Panda and his bamboo.