31 July 2018

Giru - Invicta Sugar Mill

I got rally lucky at Giru, with three empty trains all departing within 15 minutes.  After the first train passed, the local farmers lit up their crop to burn off the under growth just before harvest.

Loco Scott with an empty cane train.

The rear portion assigned to Scott.

Loco Giru with burning of the cane in the background.

The rear portion of Giru.

Smaller loco Kalamia with another empty train.

Most bins are a rusty colour, but a few are blue.  They are only little things.


30 July 2018

Around Townsville

I had a quick trip through Queenslands last week, so this week's blogging will hopefully cover off all the interesting things I photoed.

This group of photos is from around the Townsville area.

PCZY carrying a QGCU cattle container.

PN007 heading along the Jetty branch with a cement container transfer.

PN's 8336 with a Wilmar sugar train headed for the port.

A couple of photos of RGWY 101, used for Wilmar Sugar traffic.  

Former NODY come NQYY/TY come RNDY, this one is 20225 and is fitted with bogies from the ROAF fleet.

A decent stack of Caru SLZU ore containers for Sun Metals was seen at the port.


21 July 2018

Simon Flatracks

No less than 35 Simon flatracks up from on PS6 today.  All were loaded on a single RRAY as seen below.


19 July 2018

Nathans Point Model Layout

For those interested in model trains, after a 5 year blogging break, I am back into it in a big way.  Follow the progress of my terminus modern-era branch line operation at Nathans Point .


Another 80 class ALCo lives on!

8033 has been doing the rounds between Sydney and Parkes/Broken Hill lately, and was snapped a few times earlier this month.

8033 as third unit heading west on an NY3 service.

A pretty good paint job on this baby!

8033 returned back to Sydney as fifth unit on PS6 a few days later.


09 July 2018

ALCo Main Liners!

An awesome combo put on by Qube today, with triple ALCos 8037/4477/872.  The sight and sound was impressive.  The weather wasn't great, but a small crack opened up at Mittagong for a reasonably sunny shot.

SM7 coming through Aylmerton.

Good to see Dad still gracing the mainline in 2018 after what looked to be a retirement at Goulburn a few years ago.

A new Caru SLZU cmeent tank in the 480000 series, with this one being the class leader.


05 July 2018

Some 22R1 Reefers

A mix of 22R1 20ft shipping reefer containers on 1311 today ta Mittagong.


04 July 2018

Farewell 3642

I'm not a huge steam fan, but a sunny weekend and a double header sparked some interest.  

3526 and 3642 at Yanderra about to come under the highway.

Coming into Mittagong past the former Station Master's residence.

Returning toward Sydney, 3642 now leading through the last rays of light at Aylmerton.