17 December 2016

100th Post and Merry Christmas

Another great year, with 100 posts achieved, and plenty of interesting photos.  

I thought I would share an interesting container load from MB7 a few weeks ago.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and thank you for visiting my Blog!

Looking forward to posting some more great photos in 2017!


Royal Wolf double 10ft containers running as a pair and marked as RWTU 600390-7.

Titan Containers Artic Store 40ft reefer (45R1) TITU 993389-6


10 December 2016

CF on BM7

CF4402 made an appearance on BM7 the other day, between an LDP and a 6020.


06 December 2016

Freightliner L4s

Two painted Freightliner box cabs, GL112 and G533 stabled in Broadmeadow Yard


BM7 and Sinotrans

A nice combo on BM7 last week, with G516 in the shafts.  

Not markings you see everyday on an ISO tank.  Here is Sinotrans WSDU 600069-3.


29 November 2016

Clariant Container

This bright red box was on MB4 this morning.  It looks to be a test lab for Clariant.

The box was marked as RWLU 825989-0.


28 November 2016

Port Augusta Containers

Some container and wagon photos from Port Augusta taken back in September.

A half height Toll 5TC224 container riding above a 48ft TDDS in well wagon RQZY 7048.

ISO tank CCRU 197261-2 loaded with a Maxam Ammonium Nitrate Suspension. 

EURU 191844-9 with another ammonium nitrate load.

Curtain sider KTI 402.

A pair of Linfox boxes.  On top is a half-height side door LSDU 6940076 and below is 48ft DRC 947,

A new Linfox plate sided reefer FCBD 9106158.

PNXR 4889 rides above a Cronos CXSU 40GP.

RQEY 1962 with a matching pair of Sea2Rail seacell 40ft containers.  

Centre well 5-pack RQLY 1009 with a new and old Toll curtain sider.

Another Linfox half height (6'9) LSDU 6940001 riding above a RAND ARLS reefer.

Linfox 53ft DRC 5482. 

An old Linfox 53ft box, formerly Mayne and Boxcar.  This one is DRC 396.

A well worn Linfox box, showing the Boxcar markings below.  This is DRC 407.

RAND 250 rides above a Linfox LSDU half height on a RRQY 5-pack skel.

A pair of Railroad Transport boxes in RRRY 7016.  These are RRTU 004098 and 004060.

Despite the well section only being 48ft deep, the a 53ft cartainer, AB025, rides above a SCFU half height side door.  

I love uneven loads, and this a good one.  A Toll TDDS 48ft box hangs 5'6 over a reefer box RAND 368.  The clearance above the reefer may have been required if it was required to power the container.


26 November 2016

Truck on SCT

A shot from back in September of a small rigid truck on an SCT PQMY 4285.  

The truck looks to be about 6.5m long.


24 November 2016

QQRY 30210

Another foreigner visited the easy coast earlier this month.  Previously a QQQY travelled along the east coast for a few trips, this time is was a former WAGR AQCY which made a surprise appearance.  

QQRY 30210 on MB7 passing through Bargo and Spaniards with some high cube containers.


23 November 2016

Container Heights

These two shots of CQBY 2007 show three different container heights.

The QR green side door is 9'10.

The Caru Specialised Leasing container is 9'6.

The Hamburg 22G1 container is 8'6.


22 November 2016

Perma Shipping Line - PMLU

Got these on Aurizon's MB7 service this morning.  I have never seen Perma shipping boxes before.  They are 45G1 type and coded PMLU.  Both are in the 900000 series.


20 November 2016

Starlight XPT

A quick grab shot of the Melbourne bound XPT at Bargo earlier in the week.  The lead unit was XP 2013 in the Starlight Children's livery.


15 November 2016

SSR Bulldogs

GM27 and S317 sit on a handful of NHKF hoppers ex Leigh Creek, and a PHTH 2-pack.


14 November 2016

Air Liquide ISO Tank

A new Air Liquide ISO tank IS 20-20, carrying refrigerated Carbon Dioxide.


13 November 2016

Swire Shipping

Some JSSU Swire Shipping containers have turned up on MB7 the last few days.    


12 November 2016

Interesting Flat Racks

Below are some of the more interesting flat rack loads seen in November.  Most loads are on K&S 'KT' type flat racks, although there is a Toll one, and a few Cronos shipping 42P3 type flat racks also.

These certains certainly break up the monotony of domestic containers.