31 December 2014

Happy New Year

Firstly, Happy New Year to one and all.  2014 has been a busy year, but I have somehow managed to Blog better than one Blog every five days on average.

To my fellow bloggers, keep the posts coming in 2015!

Here is my final shot for 2014.  It was taken a few weeks back and is of a rare tank which has eluded me for some time.

40ft Tank (quite rare) EXFU 144708 is used on the Tarago garbage train to transfer liquids for waste disposal, similar to the grey containers that transfer solid waste.

The tank is a 40T6 type and has a Gross of 34,000kg and a payload of 29,700kg.  It is quite a small diameter.

It was loaded onto regular garbo wagon NQHX 14496.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year - 2015!  

24 December 2014

Narangba Electrics

A morning trip to Narangba on Christmas Eve revealed a nice variety of electrics heading into town.

Class leader EMU 01

EMU 09

The rear end of EMU 79.

ICE 151

IMU 175

SMU 203

SMU 238

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the followers and visitors of Rollinstock New.


23 December 2014

Queensland Rail EMUs

Spent a morning at both Morayfield and Narangba in the north of Brisbane.

There was a pretty good mix of different suburban and interurban sets, including ICE set 151, which has quite a distinctive front end.  


EMU 35

EMU 87

ICE 151

ICE 151

IMU 171

SMU 210

SMU 247

14 December 2014

The Sun has Appeared! Aurizon 7MB7

The unusual site of blue skies led me out trackside this morning, capturing Aurizon 7MB7.

6025 leads LDP002 at Aylmerton.

SCT van ABSY 2473.  This one is well weathered in brown.

Another van, ABSY 2814, and this one has a well worn red stripe.

The other regular van variant on the service are PBGYs.  This one is 0050.

Aurizon bulk container ABLK 201201.

An AUCU Austrans container on CQGY 519.

CQMY 3019 with a pair of Keny KENU moving containers.

Former narrow gauge QQAY 47800 with a McColls tank and a Royal Wolf 20fter.

One of only a handful of Aurizon 80ft wagons, QQMY 22006 is loaded with a single 40ft container.

A recently rebranded SCF reefer.  

On the first platform of a QQLY 5-pack, is a Wridgways container and a tanktainer with Cummins Adblue markings.


06 December 2014

Removals Containers

A couple of new removalist containers at a Sydney container park this week.

Newcastle Moving and Storage

Port Stephens Removals and Storage.

Both are LVNU prefix containers which is flex-box from Hong Kong.


29 November 2014

Jumbo Coil

Had a question asked about Jumbo Coils.  Here are some details from my ARI article in issue 1.

Jumbo Coil weight is 27.78t
Outer diameter is 1866mm
Width across is 1550mm
Thickness is 11mm material, rolled around 50 times.

The coils do vary and this certainly a larger one, but I would expect 24-28t to be the normal weights.


23 November 2014

Sodium Cyanide on BM7

A shot from last week of BM7 with double 6020s. 

A load of sodium cyanide in Orica containers loaded on a CQBY.


16 November 2014


A ship load of new CSR built NHHH coal hoppers arrived in Newcastle last week.

NHHH rake 98011-98012 are the original pair which have been in operation for quite a few months now (maybe years).  The light blue is an easy identifier.

Newly delivery NHHH rake 21 (98211-98214).  These are 4-packs, rather than the prototype 2-pack.

NHHH 98211 is the lead vehicle of rake 21.


14 November 2014

My Cover Shot - Motive Power

It is with great excitement that I can announce I have the cover shot on the next issue of Motive Power magazine - Issue 96.

Following the link to the MP web page for a preview.  Motive Power Link


12 November 2014

Busy Thornton (Newcastle)

After a few meetings in Newcastle, I headed to Thornton in the hope that there would be a few trains late in the afternoon.  What I got in a period of less than 20 minutes was rather spectacular!

When I arrived a Hunter Railcar passed by at 1706 hrs.

Starting the procession at 1721 hrs, empty Pelton Unit Train 49 with EL55/EL64 on the coal roads.

An UP XPT at 1723 hrs.

Empty ore 4835 with double 82s passed by at 1727 hrs.

Half of the load consisted of new Patrick half height ore containers.

Aurizon empty coal at 1737.  Thankfully this guys was humming along to clear for SSR's 1579 grain train.

A down XPT at 1738 hrs.

The icing on the cake was SSR102 on 1579 grain to Moree at 1739 hrs.

What a top afternoon!


10 November 2014

Newcastle Shunter

The PN shunter, 8025,  at Carrington/Morandoo rounds the loop at Carrington.


08 November 2014

The Indian

With a west closure, the Indian Pacific (7SA8) with NR25 ran via the south, perfectly timed past Aylmerton.

NR25 rounding the curve at Aylmerton.

Car carrier AMRZ 251

The only platinum car in the consist.


30 October 2014

VISY paper train on the south

A great day last week for photographing the VISY train operated by Qube.

CF4412/CF4411 on 1311 at North Goulburn.

South Goulburn, passing the stored locos at Goulburn Workshops.

A beautiful spot at Middle Bridge Cullerin.

The 'Windmills' in the Cullerin ranges.

A CFCLA leased CQMY.


A Qube owned SQEY

A loaded SQEY.