03 June 2010

PQYY Photos

(I hope you understand my humour - or attempt at it).

These are some of my favourite wagons. Only 5 artculated well wagon sets were ever built in Australia. Four sets were built for the purpose of carrying double stacked containers with low density products, and the fifth set was built by National Rail as their prototype well wagon.

Ultimately, an articulated design proved to not have an acceptable axle loading for general freight, and ultimately, all well wagons design since have been bar coupled sets.

The history I have for these 5 wagons is:

AQYY 5101 and 5102 - Built by AN in 1993. These have a rectangular tube section at the top of the side sill. These were painted AN green with BOXCAR logos. Probably in the late 1990s is when they were recoded to PQYY to denote private ownership (Owned by Boxcar/Cubico, then Mayne Logisitics, and likely now to be Linfox).

AQYY 7007 and 7083 - Built by AN in 1994 and 1995. These have a flush side sill arrangement. I believe they were painted in a slightly darker green (Cubico Green), and had a large CUBICO logo on the middle platform. Probably in the late 1990s is when they were recoded to PQYY to denote private ownership (Owned by Boxcar/Cubico, then Mayne Logisitics, and likely now to be Linfox).

RQYY 7004 was built as a prototype for National Rail in 1995, and probably followed the design of 7007 and 7083. 7004 was painted in full National Rail colours.

Around 2000, the PQYY wagons regular ran to Perth on the Tolls Train. By mid 2005, all were running on PN services, and now most of the time they run on the East Coast carrying high cube containers, as theya re not suitable for normally doublestacking due to the weights.

RQYY 7004 in NRC Colours

The databoard on PQYY 7083

The centre well on either 7007 or 7083.

PQYY 7007 or 7083

Logo on PQYY 5101

End Platform of PQYY 5101

PQYY 5101



    i am glasd to see PQYY 5. pack well wagons ex-AN Rail/Boxcar.They are simillar to US well cars.One bogie between wagon. 6. bogies per one set.

    they also had AN logo on them.

    when G&W was operator of TNT-TOLL SUPERFREIGHTERS DOUBLE STACK TRAINS AP4-PA4(from nov 1997-mid 2002) PQYY were always used on them and always double stacked. i think there were also PQYY 7008.

    AP4 trains were the most intresting double stackecd train across australian continent loaded with big TNT Cartainers-automotive and Boxcar big containers....was so graet!


    if you do could you post?

    i am so glad to see a lot of different wagon photos-informations on your web site! well done!!



  2. hello Chris, it is me Alex a railfan of wagons,

    if you have could you send me full size photo of PQYY 7083 first platform , but a photo like roster shot not side shot, i need a whole first wagon of PQYY i think it is lettered BOXCAR.

    something like this angle:


    hope you will send PQYY 7083 full size but whole platform.

    my emai is:


  3. G'day Alex,

    Glad you enjoyed the shots. I did up some info and photos of the RRCY and AQWY/RQWY wells. The RRCY in FCL colours is certainly unique.

    I agree that the early private trains run by Toll/TNT were quite spectactular. Great locos up front and interesting consists. Unfortunately I didn't get over to SA until 2001, so missed the Toll train at it's peak, as the TNT TRAY 5-packs and the Boxcar wells had all moved onto NRC train services. The Toll train also dissapeared soon after.

    A PQYY loaded with 10 Boxcar 48ft containers is still one of the nicest sights around!!


  4. I forgot to mention - there was no PQYY 7008.

    7008 was an RQZY 5-pack well which was bar coupled and painted in National Rail colours.


  5. hi Chris, it is me Alex,

    i saw some recent train video at youtube.com and there on some train i think it was BM4 it was a single unit platform ex-PQYY ,that means that there is some 5. pack PQYY separated ?do you know anything about this info?

    see this video:


    let me know if you know anything.



  6. hi Chris,

    last time i asked you could you send me some larger photos to my email.

    1. PQYY 7083 first platform lettered BOXCAR,but whole wagon not too much from side,

    2. RRCY 8001 and if you have RQWY.

    hope you can send some photos here is my email


  7. hi Chris,

    can you send me some photos?

    you told me that you published some info and photos about RRCY,RQWY,AQWY ? could you send me a link to see the page?



  8. The single wagon is RKIY 7005 - built as a prototype for NRC back around 1995. All 5 PQYY wagons are still complete.

    I can't send you a photo of 7083 lettered for Boxcar as it never was - See my original blog post. I don't have the type of photo you are after, and if I did, I would post it on my Blog.

    Re RRCY and AQWY, I miss-typed and said I did, but meant I'll dig, up some photos and history and post. This will be on my Blog also, and will be done when I get a chance to scan some prints, which probably won't be for a week or two.

    So, please stop asking for photos to be sent to you. Any reasonable requests I try to look after and post on my Blog.

  9. hi Chris, i checke some info site about well wagons and there is info about PQYY 7008,

    maybe it is stored for years.....
    there is also RQZY 7008 that is second one.

    see here:


    as i have some older (1997)shots with TNT train from Perth there were 3. -5. pack well same types on the train all of them green (not those of 5101,5102) all 3. same as PQYY 7007.



  10. G'day Alex,

    I like the Comrails site, but any data like this needs to be verified, and checked closely.

    I had a look at the link and have the following comments to suggest that 7008 has only ever been allocated to the first RQZY:

    There is no Return to Service date like the rest of the RQYY wagons listed. There is also NO history on the wagon. This suggests that it didn't exist for long or never existed.

    If you then go over to RQZY/RRZY 7008, one of the first entries is "Reclassify from RQWY to RQZY in TIMS only". I believe it should actually read, reclassify from RQYY, rather than RQWY.

    Interestingly, RQWY 7008 never existed in TIMS, but it did exist as an RQYY.

    So, based on this data, if it is correct, the stuffed up in TIMS and put in 7008 as an RQYY. They later realised this and changed it to RQZY. The TIMS enter for RRZY 7008 says that the miscoding was only in TIMS and the wagon markings were correct.

    If you can post or email you shots, I would love to review it and provide some feedback. Photographic evidence is a wonderful thing!!



  11. Hello enthusiasts.

    I am trying to build RQYY 7004 and don't know wether the wheel diameter is 33" or 36".. Can anyone help please?


  12. 33 Inch in these 70T Ride Control bogies.

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