30 June 2011

Ettamogah Rail Hub PQAW Wagons

Below are a few photos of the first rebuilt PQAW for Ettamogah Rail Hub - These were taken in October 2010 at SSR Bendigo Workshops (on my IPhone since my Camera battery was flat!)

The wagons are former VQAW type, and have undergone extensive rebuilding, as well as repainting into corportate colours. 

The bogies are Bradken 'Road Master' with V/LINE casting marks.  These are the bogies originally supplied under these wagons. 

To date, nine 3-packs have been refurbished and are stored at Ettamogah.  More are stored at Bendigo Workshops.  I don't believe they are currently accredited to operate on ARTC track.  

The PQAW wagons have retained their original VQAW/RQUY numbers.


29 June 2011

MB7 - 28 June

Running a few hours late, and with some SCT vans upfront, I had to go for a shot.

LDP 001 and 009

 ABSYs on the train were 4476, 2456 and 2445.

 PBGYs on the train were 0154, 0144, 0083

Recent aquisition from China, PQRY 1008 (5-pack skel). 

 The Slurry Rat!

Former VLine container, now Sadleirs RCS 2132 

A Direct Logistics container.


28 June 2011

PS6 - 3 June 2011

Just catching up on some photos from earlier this month.  Here is a Friday PS6 job, with the no common, 5 loco lash up.

 Quin NRs, including an IP and NR103.

 Bitutainers on RRKY 4302.

 RLSY 18747 with a missing logo panel.  Note the former PN blue underneath!

 RQCY 61 with a BOC gas tanktainer.

 A rather unqiue container!

Finally, an original TOLL 48ft container.  These date back to early NRC days.


27 June 2011

Side Door Containers

Various 20ft side door containers, as seen on NY3 on 27/5.


26 June 2011

A Study of VR Rail Tractors (RT)

Below are various photos of VR Rail Tractors (RT) taken on 16 and 17 June 2011.

Seen in 2 days were no less than 15 RTs.  The majority stored at Bendigo.

SSR - LT4 (Formerly RT54) Shunter at SSR Workshops Gladstone St
SSR - LT50 (Formerly RT50) Shunter at SSR Workshops Gladstone St
SSR - RT37 Stored at SSR Workshops Murphy St
PN - RT 14, 38, 5, 35, 42, 47, 45, 6, 49, 27 - Stored at SSR Workshop Murphy St
PN - RT31 - Stables at Glencore/Graincorp Siding Deniliquin
Glencore/Graincorp - RT46 - Stabled at Deniliquin with RT31.

 RT 14

 RT31 - Deniliquin
RT35 - complete with Vline logos. 

SSR owned RT37  

The original wagon builders plate on RT37 - dating to 1904.  The other side had the RT builders plate of the late 1950s.


 RT47 - One of three orange RTs sighted (others being RT35 anf RT37)

 LT50 inside SSR workshops.

Unique Aresco build RT46 at Deniliquin.  I believe this unit was at Morwell and painted yellow for a long time.  It must have gone to Deniliquin and got painted in the early 1990s.  Anyone with more info on the unit would be great. 

LT4 (former RT54) which was owned by the Port Authority at Portland.  I believe this unit was also built by Aresco,  It spent years at Echuca as the shunt unit before ending up with SSR at Bendigo. 

The control inside the cab of LT4.  The engraved panel at the back contains details such as siding lengths in Portland Yard, and the capabilites of the unit in VHGF and GY wagons.


24 June 2011

Day 3 - Echuca Odd Bods

Some more bits and pieces from Echuca.  I don't have much of an interest in 4 wheel stock, but I'm sure someone does.

A bit of an unusual shot - these 12 hoppers are stored in the freight siding, which is about to become a car park.  As a kid, I remember an orange RT parked under the canopy.  I'll find the photo one day. 


Day 3 - Stored Vans at Echuca

Some photos of the stored VLRX vans at Echuca.  Roughly have the fleet of VLRX vans are stored here and the other half in Geelong.

 VLRX 15 with modern doors.

 VLRX 11 with orginal doors.

 VLRX 952 in a darker shade of FA green and small logos.

Also stored was VLCX 624.

Below is a list of the VLRX wagons noted at Echuca.



























23 June 2011

NQEX 60186

Seems a second loco frame carrier has been introduced into service.  Noted on todays NY3 PN Steelink train was former Enfield 'prisoner' NQEX 60186.  Similar to the existing frame carrier (RQRX 60207) with the exception of the NQEX having 50t XH type bogies.

This wagon (and the RQRX) are used to transport EDI build frames from Port Augusta to Cardiff.  A current order of GWA locos are being transported.  

Interestingly, a wee bit over 12 months back (11th June) I photoed RQRX 60207 in this exact same spot, although it was taken at 1.30pm, where as this shot was closer to 4.15pm. The shot of RQRX 60207 is also on the Blog - search for RQRX.  

On the side of the wagon is a small sticker which says "Loco Transport Only" - Not really sure what else you could put on the wagon considering it is fitted with two large frames and a massive stillage.


Day 2 - Bendigo

A few shots around Bendigo, including the new POTA Deni Rice Train.3

 B76 and S313 lead the Deni Rice Train out of Bendigo around 9am.

 Part of the consist was 5 ex SA AQPY wagons  - 2873, 4151, 4079, 4076, 2571.  These are cut down AOOX wagons.

 Also on the train are 3 CQOY wagons - again former SA wagons.

Just north of Bendigo station is Mobil bitumen tank ATMX 429, with just a bit of damage to the insulation!

Dating back to the 1920s or 1930s is riveted tank car VTQF 120 (coupled to VTQF 276).   

 Out the back of SSR's Gladstone St workshop is SSR owned VTQF 144 - another tank car about 80 years old.  Observant viewers will note the original TEXACO lettering showing through.

Repainted Dunnoly rollover wagons - a VHGF and VHHF. 


22 June 2011

Day 1 - Narrandera

A selection of photos from Narrandera.

 Still a common sight in many NSW rail yards!

Note the new ballast pile on the right hand track.  That line used to go to Tocumwal, and a few months back they had a decent run-away.

Manildra's 7340 - Remote controlled operation. 

 Manildra Mill complex - loading flour into various wagons.

 MHGX 32 - One of the run-away

 MGFH 1731 on the old Toc line.

 NGDX 30678

 NGLF 30686

 NGPF 35984

NGXH 37343 with some extra weight on the roof!