22 December 2012

Hot Metal...comin' thru...

A shot from back in 2010, when the RKHFs were freshly overhauled, and this particular one had a cleaned HOT METAL sign still attached from previous slab and billet workings.

20 December 2012

Chase South - Qube 1815

With a fine afternoon on the south, and the pleasing combo of 600/RL, it was about time for a south chase this summer - with a few good friends of course.
602/RL303 departing Goulburn.
Rounding the curves in the Cullerin Ranges.
On sunset at Rocky Ponds
A portrait of 602 in the Cullerins.
New build for CFCLA, out of BRO Workshops is 60ft skel class CQJY.  About 60 are in service with Qube.
Another CQJY photo.
Earlier in the day, single NR55 led NY3, snapped here at Towrang.  The single NR on a very long load of empties struggled to maintain speed in various sections and slowed Qube 1815 in some parts (made for an easier chase).
Wheel carrier RZXY, with a load requiring reprofiling.

18 December 2012

Aylmerton Today

A few interesting movements today back the back door. 
First one was NY3 with a transfer of two TT locomotives which were involved in a hard hit up/collision a few weeks back.  TT117 and 104 are headed for Downer EDI Port Augusta for work.
A little later, Aurizon's BM7 came through with 6026 on a delivery run.

08 December 2012

Kwinana WA

Below are a heap of random shots around Kwinana, including LZ, S, and DBZ locos.
Departing south with an empty bauxite train.
Light engine to pick up the acid tanks.
Empty bauxite train entering Kwinana Yard.
Alumina train departing for the south.
Coal train heading for the south.
DBZ 2311 stabled in the yard.
LZ 3105 with a propelling shunt of cyanide tanks.
LZ 3105 departing Kwinana heading north/west.
Shunting the yard ready for a loco swap.
Stabled in the yard.
Carrying out the lococ swap.