28 August 2012

Metro IEV 102

A couple of quick shots from the weekend before the sun disappeared in Melbourne.
Metro's Infrastructure Evaluation Vehicle IEV 102 was modified from MTH 102 by SSR Bendigo workshops in 2011. It has a full set of through pipes and MU for running push pull configuration around the network.
The locos are CFCLA owned, and on long term lease.

23 August 2012

SSR 1377 Ballast

I recall that a mill wheat train used to be 1377 - often sighted on a Saturday afternoon in the southern highlands, with a string of 'blacks' (wheat hoppers - NGMA).  Anyway, earlier this week SSR ran a ballast job for ARTC (numbered 1377), positioning the rake at Yass for country ballast work.  The rake comprised of RailCorp/Transport NSW NDFFs.
GM/49/S combo on a rake of NDFF ballast hoppers at Mittagong.
 NDFF 2986 painted in the modern orange livery with RailCorp logos.
The last NDFF built - 3050 - built at Goulburn Workshops a few years back.  This wagon is now fitted with a Transport NSW logo. 
Plough NZBF 1036 with full length handrails and the narrow weights. 
Plough NZBF 1042 with full width wegiths and only the end handrails.

18 August 2012

Little 48 Class

Three very different 48 class on 3234 yesterday through Mittagong.


17 August 2012

YPR Heritage

The old Yorke Penisular Railway cars are now stored at Coolac in NSW.


IRA 8168

A nice combo from 7/8/12 through Mittagong.

EL57 leading two MZs on a lengthy container train.

A CFCLA leased CQBY wagon.

An IRA LQAY wagon.  These are somewhat similar to the Chinese built CQBY, but have a Sheffel type bogie and a slightly different construction.  The CQBYs were built at QRRS CNR workshops, where as the LQAY wagons were built at Meishan CSR workshops.


07 August 2012

ELZ Grain

Just a quick shot of the ELZ grain train near Penrose on 20/7/12.  The consist was entirely CGDY hoppers.


06 August 2012

MB7 - 20/7/12

A few shots of a late running MB7 from a few weeks back.

An interesting combo of LDP/CL/CL/CL.

The usual SCT ABSY vans up front.

CFCLA CQBY with a clean CEVA container.


A CFCLA CQMY still in Patrick red colours.


A recently built QR QQCY 5-pack.

QQTY 903, a former FA wagon, now owned by QR.


05 August 2012

IRA and Viterra Container

A few shots of the IRA train from 20/7/12 in the Southern Highlands NSW.

The train comprised of an entire bulk consist of CFCLA CQZY wagons loaded with Viterra VTAD top opening grain containers. 

The load of barley goes to Minto for processing into Malt at the Viterra (formerly ABB) facility.

FL220/1101/44202 lead the IRA barley train through Moss Vale Staion.

Various shots of the CQZY wagons with the VTAD containers.  All the containers are loaded facing the same direction.  The containers are loaded through the roof hatch and are discharged in a container tipper, which elevates the container at one end and the product flows out through the hatch in the end of the container.


01 August 2012

MMY 034 Rail Grinder

An unusual visit to Mittagong on Sunday.  MMY 034 was parked on the Up Main at Mittagong, allowing maintenance and repairs to occur.  The main south was closed on the weekend for scheduled track work.

MMY 034 is a beast of a machine.  It is a fully self sufficient rail grinder wihich includes a few old CFCLA CQFY container wagons fitted with water and diesel tanks. 

A team of fire fighting 4WDs also travel with the rail grinder.