27 September 2020

Aussie Boxcar Tribute to Classic US Monikers

The railroads in the US have a long tradition of 'boxcar art' where railroad workers and hobos would chalk their name or a drawing onto the side of a boxcar.  This folk art goes back to the 19th century amd probably hit a peak in the mid to late 20th century.  

Originally chalk, and now paint crayons, are the weapon of choice for monikers (tags, nicknames, cartoons) to be applied to the side of freight wagons.  This is very much a precursor to aerosol /spray can graffiti. 

In the US, interchange rules would mean that freight cars could travel all over North America and there is some great reading available on this art form.  

The Massillon Museum did an exhibition in 2018, and this onine book is a great and interesting read; MONIKER.

There are some classic monikers around from yesteryear with some of the famous ones being Bozo Texino, Herby, Colossus of Roads, The Gambler, and The Kodak Kidd.  The list goes on....

Such mystery and folk art appear saw a move created a few years back Who is BOZO TEXINO.

Anyway, I have noticed lately that MTWO and COLA have been doing tributes to these classic monikers on Sadleir RLSY and RLUY vans.  Check them out below:

Bozo Texino on the side of a boxcar.  (Internet image)

buZ blurr, creator of Colossus of Roads.   (Internet image)

The Kodak Kidd.   (Internet image)

Herbert A Mayer (Herby).   (Internet image)

On a trip to the US a few years ago, I wasn't specifically looking out for these, but did photo a couple in my travels.

Colossus of Roads on a GACX boxcar.

The Kodak Kidd on a NS col hopper.

The tributes to these moniker classics are pretty recent.  Here are the three that I am aware of.  There might be others, and I would be surprised if The Rambler is not featured.  

RLUY 18596 with Palm Tree Herby.

RLSY 18071 with Who is Bozo Texino.

RLUY 18675 with Colossus of Roads.

A more subtle tribute to Palm Tree Herby on PBSY 0017 by Kotor back in 2017.


18 September 2020

Former CS Leasing Side Door

Class leader SLZU 170000-9 now painted in Caledonia Group bright red.


12 September 2020

Lindsay Transport Dry Containers

 Always love seeing new paint schemes, and Lindsay Transport have been buying and painting some second hand 48ft dry containers.  

LTCD 489602 appears to be an ex FCL brown container.

LTCD 489603 appears to be an ex FCL brown container.

LTCD 489104 appears to be an ex Boxcar (come Linfox) container.

LTCD 489105 appears to be an ex Boxcar (come Linfox) container.

The numbering system appears to be 48 for the legnth, 96 or 91 for the height (9'6 or 9'10) and the last two digits for the road numbers.