30 June 2010

Limestone YO YO

Some gloomy shots of Yo Yo 2222 at Moss Vale last week.

A pair of PN 81s.

The load inside.

Left on the train are two NPJF hoppers - 35571 and 35596. These are being convertd to NHTH coal hoppers.

28 June 2010


So many photos - such little time!

Here are a few wagon shots from PW4 on Saturday. The colourful lash up was a bonus!!

NR109 leading an AN and NR in 'stars'.

7 red NHVF hoppers were returning to Port Kembla from Stirling North after originally being used for ballast duties on the Leigh Creek line. The numbers were 35211, 35239, 35118, 35197, 35277, 35240, 35206. I imagine they will be going back into the PN coal fleet.

RCDX 25 - Not many are remaining with the AN logo.

RKLY 20471 which is not as interesting as the containers. The front container base (RV050)has been refurbished. Both lids have also been refurbished but have different logos applied.

RKMX 357, which is a true former ELX.

An imposter RKMX, 20415 which is a former BDY/NODY. I recall 5 of these existing. They are an RKMX rather than an RLKY due to the 3-piece bogies fitted. One for the keen modellers.

RKVY 7279 in original PN blue.

In original ANR/CR red is RKWY 2141. This is a recent PN convert as all the AN converts were repainted when the doors were removed.

A increasingly rare sight - an ROOX (3000 series) in AN livery with ANR logo boards painted out.

Wheel wagon RZXY 2398 with a load of refurbished wheels,probably from EDI Port Augusta.

24 June 2010

GC - Port Kembla Steel Wagons

Another GC (Guest Contributor) set of photos. This set of 6 comes from fellow Highlander Brendan Grace. The shots were taken at Port Kembla last weekend.

Two favourites - The only two ROSX wagons in existance. 214 with full height sides and 228 with a slightly lower side. 228 is on the to do scrath building list.

Two RCIX wagons (14823 with coil and 14816 empty) are from the NCIX group of 45 wagons built in 1974 by Clyde.

The insies of a newer scrap container. I have the sides scracth built for one of these, and will be working on the ends tonight.

Finally, little RCPF 31831 with a newer yellow stripe on the bottom.
Thanks to Gracie for the shots!

21 June 2010

SQGF Wagon Ends

Some 'O' wagon end shots for discussion on Aus Model Rail.

19 June 2010

RRCY 8001

Well Alex - I've finally poted some RRCY 8001 photos, and a shot of RKIY 7005 for you also. I'll get some RQWY photos together over the next week.

RRCY 8001 started life as AQWY 8001, being built for FCL in 1996. It was operated and registered by AN, so it had the A prefix. The 'P' Prvate prefix was not yet introduced.

The wagon is slightly different to the AN AQWYs in the 6000 series, and as such, was recoded to RRCY, rather than RQWY when NRC took control of the fleet.

The wagon is painted in FCL brown, with a fawn side sill. FCL lettering is on each platform, and an AN logo is on the end platform diagonally opposite I believe.

I haven't seen this wagon for many years, but last I saw it, it was running dedicated to the SP/PS services, between Perth and Parkes, and was regularly double stacked.

Sitting in Spencer Junction heading east in 2002

In 2001 at Spencer Junction again.

A rare find for me, and the fist time I ever saw this wagon was in 2000 when it came to Cooks River. The AN logo is visible on the panel next to the data board.

A close up of the databoard. It looks like the C was changed at a different date to the RR.

Finally, something different, a quick photo of RKIY 7005, prototype single well for NRC. Also designed for steel (being and RK wagon), it generally runs hgih cube containers betwene Sydney and Brisbane. This photo is in Acacia Ridge around 2001.
All the above photos are scanned prints so the quality may not be great.

GC - Kalgoorlie Wagon Photos

Our second GC (guest contributor) is Peter Donaghy, who is now a local Kalgoorlie resident (a Kalgoorlian?). He has done a great job snappy the exotic western wagons, so as time and Blog space permits, I'll post 5 shots at a time. Some photos I might not have much info on, so if you have any data, feel free to post a commet or send me an email.

Repainted AVDP 277. This van is owned and used as a crew car for South Spur, when pulling he ARTC ballast train.

Ore wagon AOPY, former Leigh Creek Coal wagon (AOKF). These were shortened by BRO in 2003.

An AOGF type wagon with ridge pole.

ALGY (One of only two painted in GWA orange I beleive). I recall this one was set up as part of the Nullabor recovery train for ASR/ARG.

A 6 wheeler. AZQF 1966. I beleive this has been used to move locos previously.
Thanks to Pete for these photos.

CQQY Data Photos

As requested by fellow modeller Simon, here are some CQQY deck photos that will assist with model building. These photos were taken in Goulburn in mid 2009 (and I think it snowed soon after!).

Some CQQY data:
  1. They are former AOOX wagons cut down and skeletalised
  2. They are made from different AOOX batches so have varying brae arrangements
  3. The fleet is 2801-2830. 2822-2827 inclusive are painted Patrick red

Standard portrait photo.

Starting at the B end

On the B end looking towards the A end

Still looking towards the A end

In the middle of the wagon, looking towards the A end. Below on the left is the triple valve and reserviors. The my right is the brake cylinder and slackie.

The A end

The right side, behind the brake cylinder.

The right side, with brake cylinder, slacking and handbrake chain.

The left side, with triple valve ad reservior

The left side, with triple valve ad reserviors

Keep in mind Auscision are doing the AOOX, so it might be a good starting point.

18 June 2010

GC - Fresh Sadleirs Vans Pt 2

Further to the Blog a few days back about the green vans. I have been supplied the 6 wagons numbers by a observant driver. These went out to Dry Creek today:

RLPY 18730R, 18651M, 18646D, 18690M, 18660D, 18654M



MB4 in fading light at Mittagong on 16/6/2010

Triple Stars! Even if they were in original colours, it still would have been impressive as the rear units were 56 and 59.

New K&S flat rack on an ex AN RQCY 470. These wagons are easy to model with the Steam Era or AR kits models.

A Linfox bulk container and a Sadleirs (former Vline) side door RCS container.

A pair of K&S flat racks on all orange RQEY 1941. A few of the RQEys were painted all orange back in NRC days, although most were painted as per 1946 below.

RQEY 1946. One day I might get around to scrtch building this wagon.

An original AN 5-pack - RQJY 8. All 40ft platforms.

RRZY 7023? with a 10'6 Toll box in the front platform.

RRYY 10 with auto boxes.

RRYY 28 withmore Auto boxes.