31 January 2019

SCFU Dangerous Goods Container

Grabbed this shot on BM4 the other day.  The side door container is a specially built dangerous goods container (2NS3 code) and has a mesh floor inside creating its own bund in case of a spill.

The box is SCFU 214089-4.


30 January 2019

An unusual visitor

Grabbed a shot of BM4 the other day with LDP004 in all white being the third unit.  It appears that some of the LDP fleet are appearing on BM/MB services now, along with the more common allocation on WM/MW steel services.


26 January 2019

The Pink ONE

At last, I have a decent shot of a pink ONE Ocean Network Express container!

This was on the front of the Visy train yesterday afternoon, along with a couple of older ONE containers still marked for NYK and K Line.  

I have noticed that apart from the first of the pink ONE containers (ONEU code), most have been fully painted lease containers and this one is no exception.

This container, FDCU 034635-4 is a Florens lease container.


14 January 2019

LVNU Removalist Container

An interesting pair of LVNU removalist containers.  

A lot of removalist containers are marked as LVNU (Flex-box), and may be an arrangement for AFRA members.

Other LVNU removalist boxes include: A2B, Knopps, and Fragile.


13 January 2019

P&O Nedlloyd Containers

P&O Nedlloyd was absorbed into Maersk quite a few years ago (2005), and it is pretty uncommon to see P&O boxes still in traffic (but they do exist).  

I was rather happy to find a 22R1 reefer and 45G1 general box.  

Both looking a little ratty, but nice to see.


05 January 2019

22 Years Later

I still enjoy seeing this FCL box in traffic, some 22 years after the event.

FBGU 480031-6 is a 48ft general purpose container now owned by Linfox.  It advertises the first double stacking from Parkes to Perth back in May 1997!


04 January 2019

Ghan Sighting

While not rare, it is uncommon to get a Ghan NR on the east coast (especially coming from Brisbane), so it was worth going out for this one.

NR85 leading an AN and another NR.

Not having seen a Qube QUBU container for a while, I was surprised to see two of them on this service.  

Former Rail Containers 46'6 reefers are making a return, and here is SCFU 810062 with a recent logo update.  The reefer unit ends of these are a little different to most 46'6 reefers which have more reinforcing around the area.   

An oldie but a goodie.  This former Interlink curtain sider (as evident from the end door) now carries Toll SPD logos.  


03 January 2019

Another Tube-Tank Container

Scored this beauty on Boxing Day coming back from Perth. 

It is WCGU 000173, and is a triple deck tube tank carrying Helium.

Most of the ones previously posted have only been two tanks high, so this was an interesting and unusual sighting.


02 January 2019

My Hump

A Simon TD flatrack on PS6 this morning with a rather lump tarp covered load.


01 January 2019

Starting the New Year with SCT

Managed a photo before the end of the first day of the year.  Unfortunately I missed a cracking combo of NR(IP)/AN/NR(Ghan) due to going out to Parkrun this morning.  

Anyway, just got home from Woolies to grab this late this afternoon.

SCT008 leading another SCT and a CSR on a BM9 service.

The PQKY fuel pod wagon with the usual CXTU fuel pod and an unusual verital ribbed SCFU side door container (314081).

A repainted Aurizon box, SCT NDC 013.

An SCFU 46'6 reefer 811008.

Still looking good (which most are not) is PBGY 2800.

Also free of spray paint is an original roofed ABSY 2800

Enjoy, and happy new year!