27 April 2014

Easter Monday - PS7 Containers (Part 4)

Aurizon side door container ASDV 211381

A pair of different Bulkhaul BLKU tanks.

Corden Rail Logistics flat rack and tarps.

K&S KHS transiflats nested up.

Unit 48 PVDU 485081

SCF plastic side door units SCFU 312120 and another.

A load of WA hardwood?

A load of Wesbeam timber on an K&S transitflat

Part 5 (final part) will have some wagon shots and Toll containers.


24 April 2014

Easter Monday - PS7 (Part 3)

PS7 ran to a nice early afternoon time on Monday.  Here are a few photos of Sadleirs gear.  I'll post some more container photos shortly.

Double star NRs on PS7

RLSY 18699 shows an interesting weathering technique where the logo board was once situated.

Not as faded as most others, RLUY 18679 is still in pretty good condition.

RQGY 35020 with two bulk containers.  The light blue background on the wagon number makes me think this may have once been in CRT blue?

Curtain sider RCS 4038.


23 April 2014

Easter Monday - Afternoon 2NP3 (Part 2)

First steel train photos for a while.

2NP3 with double NRs and AN11.

RCOF 20867 - don't see these too often these days.

RCSF 29 and 85, loaded with small coils.

Loaded with round bar, RKEF 10 and RKHF 20849 are coupled together.  Bar was loaded also into VOFX and RKCX type open wagons.

RKXF 60205 loaded with long lengths of plate.

RQTY 27 with a trio of Royal Wolf containers.  Note the newer logo on the front one.

RRKY 4283 with three grey butter boxes.  

VQCY 720 with a pair of butter boxes.

Tilt plate wagon RKYY 7088 shows the lift up system.


22 April 2014

Easter Monday - Afternoon Part 1

Diverted empty coal train LS77 heads back west for another load.  Quad 82 class locos are the standard combination these days.

8218 shows a well worn PN sticker - good for the modellers


21 April 2014

Easter Monday - Morning

Managed to get out for a few hours today (mainly in Aylmerton) to snap various trains - all ended up being PacNat service, but the trains were of decent variety.

Stone train 2196 with NR60/CF4405 on a rake of RHKY hoppers.  NR73 is in WDP mode at the rear.

TT113 leading TM71 empty Tahmoor coalie with TT111 on the rear (crewed).  TTs are due to be replaced with 93s apparently.

Made a quick dash up to Maldon to get 2196 more side on so I could show off the CF trailing unit.

Two-pack RHKY 261 and 262.

Rear WDP unit NR73.


20 April 2014


What once was an EQAX then a ZQLX, is now an SSR BQDF, being rebirthed at Lithgow.
BQDF 2421 is ready for traffic!

19 April 2014

NHPH and NHIH Explained

During 2013, some 200 NHPH coal hopper were taken to Bradken Mittagong (in rakes of 40), where components were removed, bogies removed, and the chassis were taken away for cutting up.
All bogies were overhauled and taken to Newcastle to be mated up with 200 new NHIH coal hopper bodies from Bradken China.
NHPH 90231 awaiting its fate.
40 wagons congesting the Braemar yard!
NHPH Barber bogie (ECA type), have been reused under the NHIH wagons.
NHIH rake 31 (97311-97314).  50 rakes (4 wagons per rake) were delivered.
NHIH 97422 with overhauled ECA Barber bogies from the NHPH fleet.

18 April 2014


Just a quick shot of CM3305 at Goulburn Workshops a few weeks back.